Why Wikipedia’s Bureaucracy is Unfavorable to Editors

Internet harassment exists everywhere. Huge online platforms such as Wikipedia have not been spared either. A recent email written by a Wikipedia editor clearly depicts the difficulties faced by people on online forums. It also highlights the need for online platforms to enhance a safe web community. The editor published the email because he felt he had reached a point that he couldn’t control his displeasure any more.

According to the Wikipedia consultant, he has repeatedly been referred to as an obsessive and violent man. He has not been given a listening ear. All he has received have been incessant lectures about policies and bureaucratic steps. The email was copied to the Wikimedia Foundation, which is Wikipedia’s parent body. In the letter, the disgruntled editor spells out his fruitless efforts to publish articles on Wikipedia and the frustrations that he faced.

After disagreeing with the administrators of the page, he was allegedly blocked. This experience making a Wikipedia article left him on the verge of suicide since he had spent endless hours researching about the article. The administrators simply dismissed it without going through it. On top of that, he was referred to as an obsessive character. Following the editor’s allegations, other contributors have also raised their concern over similar cases that have happened to them when they tried to make a new Wiki page in the past. It has emerged that name calling is common not only on Wikipedia but many other online platforms. The article was originally posted on Tech.Mic

How to get onto Wikipedia

Wikipedia has been documented to have numerous benefits to individual and business brands. It gives members the freedom to create and edit pages about their business, brands or biographies on the platform. It has also been noted that having a Wikipedia page increase the reputation and online perception of a business. Search engine findings are also optimized, something that can go a long way in increasing a brand’s client base.

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