Why Does Goettl Air Conditioning Give A Veterans Award?… Why Not!? :)

Goettl Air Conditioning is helping people make their way into the HVAC industry by giving awards that help them make the most of their potential. These people are coming into the field from serving in the military or they are finding themselves there because it is the job that they have been doing with their family their whole lives.

Someone who is entering the HVAC field from the military is eligible for the Post 9/11 Veterans Tools Award. This is a really special award that helps veterans who are moving into HVAC work, and it is an award that gives the winner $1000 to spend on new tools. There are a lot of people who need new tools, and someone who is brand new to the industry needs to be able to pay for tools that are going to help them do their work. That is the only way to start work in HVAC services.

The other award that the company gives through Ken Goodrich is an award for anyone who is entering HVAC work because that is what their family does. Families that are working in the field can get their sons and daughters an award that will help them further their careers in the industry. These people have a faster line to getting into the industry, and they are going to be able to move faster because they got help from Goettl Air Conditioning. Ken Goodrich is an amazing leader who has chosen to help people for the benefit of everyone in Phoenix. He wants everyone in the area to stay cool, and he wants to make sure that he can help people who are in the same position he was once in. Honoring veterans and helping people get into the industry is something that Ken Goodrich believes in strongly.