The Multi-Tasking Michael Hagele

Michael Hagele is an investor and serves as a senior outside counsel for a number of technology companies. He also has founded and invested in restaurant and hospitality industries. He went to the University of Iowa for his B.A, and the University of California where he received his J.D. Michael is experienced in his field of drafting, negotiating and closing development agreements, technology and licensing distribution not only locally but also internationally. Michael Hagele first worked in the licensing and online commerce group at the Silicon offices of Fenwick and West LLP. He, later on, went to managing legal affairs for a number of venture capital-backed internet companies. This was all before his current practice. Follow Michael Hagele at

In an interview with IdeaMensch on 12 February 2018, Michael talks much about his work and thoughts when it comes to business. He said that his idea was facilitated by the experience he has had as a counsel both inside and outside of firms. This led him to see that small firms and sole proprietors can provide cheap, high-quality legal services to technology-focused businesses. He is very resilient and daring as he works with challenging issues and uses any new information and opportunities to come up with a solution. His primary tactic as an entrepreneur is putting the client first and doing the best for them, which turns out better for his life. His typical day consists of breaks in the afternoon for mountain or road bike rides. He says that every entrepreneur requires physical exercise as it helps in stimulating creativity and energy.

As a person involved in technology, Michael Hagele uses social media to grow his businesses since it has an enormous impact. It is easy and a great way to connect with the customers. He has advised people interested in business partnerships to push for equity participation to ensure that everyone is working for the success of the business enterprise.