Adam Milstein and The Need For Israel To Breed The Future Activist Leaders

There’s not a lot of reasons to celebrate and be complacent right now for the people of Israel. For starters, the Jews of Israel have at this moment been just the heavy center of the storm of attacks from the anti semitism groups of America. We hear of universities abusing the rights of Jewish students. We hear of hate groups banning Jewish students from joining student councils. We hear of riots trying to destroy the legitimacy of Israel. All of these are the issues that Adam Milstein, the entrepreneur of Hager Pacific Properties and Activist for American Jewish Committee, faces every day. He also writes for the Times of Israel, and his recent article in the newspaper shows how Jews should get themselves ready for more incoming attacks from various hate groups.

The article about diaspora of Jews that Adam Milstein recently wrote for Times of Israel also suggests that the Jewish history, if anything, tells us that this new series of attacks today is not new. Since World War 2, the Jews have been under siege. The turn of the century saw Israel and its people in the middle of attacks and hatred from antisemitism campaigns that want the Jewish state to crumble to dust. Fortunately, the Jews have heroes that carry the banner to fight the hatred.

One of the leaders of the Jews today that had worked for the Jews since World War 2 is Mordechai Anielewicz. He had led the Jews to fight against the Nazis. Now that there are the new set of tragedies and horror that the Jews would face, it is time to identify, develop or breed the future leaders of Israel. It’s time to find Israel’s new Henrietta Szold, the new breed of Mordechai Anielewics and the new Mickey Marcus.

About Adam Milstein

When he is not busy advocating for Israeli’s rights, Adam Milstein is handling Hager Pacific Properties as its Managing Partner. He heads the financing, disposition and management department, and he is the man overseeing the company’s expansion. He is also the co-founder of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation.