Susan McGalla: Sucessful Business Woman and Expert Consultant

Susan McGalla is a modern American executive consultant on and also a business lady from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Currently, she acts as a board of director of the Magee-Women’s Hospital Research Institute and Foundation. The company is publicly traded that provides services in the real estate. She is popular for her roles as the president of the American Eagle Outfitters Inc and also as the chief executive of the Wet Seals Inc. She has worked at the Allegheny Conference as the community development director and also as the trustee of the University of Pittsburgh.

Susan McGalla received her bachelor’s degree in business and marketing from the Mount Union College. After graduation, she worked at Joseph Horne Company in the managerial and also the marketing positions for duration of 8 years. In 1994, she was able to register at the American Eagle Outfitters, where she launched her career as a buyer of merchandise specializing in women clothing. She served in managerial roles in the company until she got promoted to the position of chief merchandising officer. Later on, she became the president of the same company. Her hard work made the company register better profits while working as the chief merchandising officer of the American Eagle Brand. This was the company’s flagship project and it registered immense success. As the president of the firm, she was tasked with overseeing the launch of the 77 kids and the Aerie brands.

In January 2009, she left the American Eagle Company to search for greener pastures. She became a private consultant for retail and financial investment industries. Due to her results-oriented performance, she was appointed the same year to the board of directors at the HFF Inc. she eventually succeeded Ed Thomas in Wet Seal to become the company’s chief executive officer in 2011. That was after serving on the board of director’s office for two years.

Because of her hunger for success, in July 2012 she left willingly from the company to try other areas. She decided to establish her business, which she named P3 Executive consulting. Currently, she is working at Pittsburgh Steelers as the director in charge of growth and strategic planning. Mc Gall is familiar as a woman who keeps her words. It is not a secret how she has been able to achieve her success. Her career is marked by hard work and a lot of dedication to her job. She is an accomplished professional in fashion branding, business management, and also retail positioning. She is skilled in many areas, which include e- commerce, digital marketing, multi channel retail, sales, store operations, strategic planning, and brand development.

Susan has learned how to handle her commerce world perfectly while juggling her career with her personal life. She has also learned how to craft her way to success because, initially, there was not enough information that could have helped her and other women attain success in the male-dominated business world. Today, she has greatly succeeded in large companies and rose to become an industry leader in marketing, operations efficiency, and talent management.