Susan McGalla Strengthens the Female Workforce

I love the concept of marketing. That is why I decided to become a marketing major. There is nothing better than seeing those funny and heartwarming commercials come on television about the various products on that are available for consumers. This is one of the reasons I decided to become a marketing major. The other reason I decided to go into marking is because of Susan McGalla.

I started studying her when I was working at American Eagle Outfitters. It was during this time that I worked as a teenager in the store and decided to research the history of this organization. It was through this research that I discovered one of the best female executives in the world of advertising. This woman was Susan McGalla. She had risen in the ranks at American Eagle Outfitters and this was a very impressive feat to me. I saw her biography and noticed that she started in lower areas within the organization and excelled. Prior to researching Susan I had never heard of the position of a Chief Merchandising Officer, but I researched this as well. I noticed that she was already in a position of authority in concerns to marketing and branding by the time she made it into this role. The thing that I was impressed about the most is that she continued to strive and move even farther up into the organization. She would eventually land the role of CEO, and I thought that this was a very interesting role because there are not a lot of female executives in this position of power. I think that this is what has driven other women that aspire to work in the marketing business to become more educated on the pathway to branding and building customer loyalty.

Susan McGalla has certainly become someone that I look up to and I think that many of the women that are trying to build a name for themselves in the corporate world are also interested and her work history. What I discovered about her over the years is that she has a strong spirit, and she is definitely someone that can turn any company around. When I look at the timeline of where she made the biggest changes and increase revenues for American Eagle I realized that I was actually employed with the organization at this time. I was glad to be a part of the changes that she made when he came to increases in revenues and building up the company brand.

As a woman that is interested in earning a degree in marketing I admire what Susan McGalla did. I would even suggest other women that are aspiring to earn marketing degrees to also study Susan and all the changes that she made in the industry. She become the voice of reason in retail during her reign, and many retail marketing executives still follow the footprints of her decisions during her time as CEO. She is a masterful executive that knows marketing well.