Shafik Sachedina: Pioneering Elder Care

Elder care in Sussex has improved in quality largely due to the efforts of Shafik Sachedina, who serves as the co-chairman of Sussex Healthcare. Throughout his long and respectable career Shafik Sachedina has always been concerned with helping people. In 1975 Shafik Sachedina graduated from Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School at the University of London and embarked on a long medical career that eventually led to him becoming the co-chairman of Sussex Healthcare. Currently, Sussex Healthcare controls an adult care network with over 20 facilities in Southern England that is dedicated to providing modern and compassionate service to its clientele.

While many of Sussex Healthcare’s clients are elderly, the company also provides care for younger adults suffering from neurological issues. Furthermore, Sussex Healthcare is equipped to provide care for individuals at varying levels of disability. The facilities are equally able to care for those with those who only need limited care to those who need comprehensive care. Regardless of the level of care required, it is Sussex Healthcare’s philosophy that each individual should have a quality of life in addition to competent care. This means that social, leisure, and recreational activities form an important part of the care that is provided.

One of the reasons that Sussex Healthcare is able to provide such well rounded care is the backgrounds of the co-chairmen of the company. Shafik Sachedina brings his medical background to the business, while his co-chairman, Shiraz Boghani brings his hospitality background with him. This means that Sussex Healthcare facilities have much more comprehensive thought put into their design and amenities than facilities that are operated by individuals that only have medical backgrounds. It is Dr. Sachedina’s ability to work with his co-chairman that has helped Sussex Healthcare grow into a vital network of facilities that serve Southern England.