Securus Technologies Serves the Public

Based in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies provides communications services between incarcerated individuals and their families and friends all over North America. Over 1.2 million inmates and their families are able to be connected as well as over 3,400 law enforcement agencies, public safety organizations, and correctional agencies.


The relationships between families and incarcerated relative can be maintained more easily because of the services that are provided by Securus in a very reliable manner in a cost effective way.


Some of the services that Securus provides include:

  • Advance Connect – A prepaid phone account where the charges are prepaid so that connections between a family and their incarcerated loved ones will be maintained.
  • Traditional collect where a call is made from the correctional facility and accepted and paid for by the recipient of the call.
  • Direct Billing – This is where a family can receive calls from the inmate and the family is billed directly for the cost of the service
  • Inmate Debit – where the inmate pays for the cost of the calls through prepaid funds can be added directly to the account of the inmate.


Video services are also available in a real-life mode so that families and inmates can converse with each other directly. This eliminates the long trip to the correctional facility and waiting in line to wait their turn for families due to limited space in the visitation booths. With live video conferencing families and inmates can meet in real time just as if the family was present at the facility.


With the “Jail Voicemail” feature, if a family calls the inmate and for some reason the inmate is not available, the family can leave a message for the inmate to call back. There is also a money transfer feature where families can transfer money to the account of an inmate and email services that are available.