Securus is A+

Since 1986, Securus Technologies has been providing quality, affordable calling options for inmates and their families. It has been through hard work and dedication to their clients that they have now earned the Better Business Bureau’s highest mark of A+! Complimenting the high mark they have also earned accreditation, which is voluntarily issued by the BBB.

Through the years, Securus Technologies has focused on the needs of their clients. Constantly reshaping and upgrading all their services has allowed them to rise above the rest in communication and incident resolution for inmates in America’s prison system. Having a loved one incarcerated is stressful enough without having to worry about how you will stay in touch. Securus takes the stress out of the situation with several options. In addition to call services, they also help with other actions like allowing inmates to file and monitor their own incident reports. Too many times the human factor is lost in these scenarios, but this is the very element that Securus takes into consideration, and is also why they are now the top choice for inmate communications. I highly recommend them anytime you find yourself facing the need. For more information on the Better Business Bureau’s rating, please visit: PR News Wire BBB Accreditation

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