Ronald Fowlkes, the law enforcement icon

Ronald Fowlkes or Ronnie as many who are close to him would call him, is a name that rings bells in the minds of most people in the law enforcement arena. This is thanks to his substantial contribution in the sector and also for having served in both the marine and police department sectors. Ronald hails from St. Louis, Missouri to be precise and is the current business development manager in Eagle industries unlimited which he joined in 2008.


The company specializes in the manufacture of high end commercial and military tactical applications Thanks to his extensive knowledge in the sector and experience, Ronald Fowlkes is a perfect fit for the position, and he has his hands full with various tasks. For instance, he is responsible for the communication of the company and its clientele all around the world and also focuses in product education in which he assists more than 150 sales representatives familiarize themselves with the company’s products. These are just, but a few of his duties in Eagle Industries as there happens to be many more, but one thing that sets Ronald Fowlkes from the rest is that he executes them with utmost perfection. All these tasks he achieves effortlessly thanks to his previous professional background.


His journey to where he is now, began in the military in 1989 where he was promoted severally thanks to his diligence and ability to meet and exceed the expectations of his seniors and peers. While at Marine Corps, Ronald underwent various training such as the U.S army parachute school, the air naval gunfire liaison company and even did a basic engineering course from which he earned a degree.


Ronald Fowlkes later went on to serve the community at St. Louis by working with the St. Louis department of police for ten years. During this period, Ronald Fowlkes was on the human rescue team for seven years, but again he amazed his seniors with his diligence and exceptional leadership skills and got a promotion to become the leader of the group.


After his promotion, Ronald and his SWAT team would go to high-risk areas and handled dangerous jobs which explains why he serves his current position almost if not perfectly. Before the ten years, Ronald had worked with St. Louise’s police department for three years which means he boasts 13 years of experience in law enforcements. In a nutshell, the success of Ronald Fowlkes did not come on a silver platter; it is clear that the man has worked his way to becoming the epitome of success and is indeed a hero and an icon to many people.


Ronald Fowlkes is an avid lover of hockey, and during his free time, he coaches his son’s hockey team or does things which are related to the game. Also, Fowlkes is a great writer, and if he is not coaching his hockey team, he is often busy sharing knowledge and opinions about the game through his blog known as the medium.