Roberto Santiago Builds a Mall That Consumers Would Love

Roberto Santiago has proven that people will come if you build something that they’re interested in. This is certainly the way that she has gotten people to come to the shopping mall that he created in Brazil. His built his vision. This was something that would give people a brand new perspective on how they could shop and also engage in other activities as well.


What Roberto Santiago has done is create the ultimate shopping mall with the Manaira Shopping Mall that has become one of the largest centers for shoppers in all of Brazil. It is a very interesting take on shopping because it also presents entertainment options like movies, bowling, an amusement park and food court. There are not any other shopping centers that are going to have this same level of entertainment. It is interesting for people to see just how much they can do when they come to the shopping complex.


The Manaira Mall is the best thing that Brazil has to offer shoppers. When it comes to shopping there is nothing better than this for the consumer that wants to get all of their shopping done in one place. Most people that shop here will buy what they need to buy and take their bags out to the car. They will come back in and proceed to enjoy the other facets of the mall that provide entertainment and socializing stimulation.


There are quite a few people that are talking about Roberto Santiago and what he has managed to do to make things much more interesting in the shopping arena. People want to come to a place like this Manaira Shopping Center.


Roberto Santiago has been doing a lot of things that people can appreciate when it comes to commercial real estate. This is a business that he knows well because he was simply cutting his teeth on the development of this shopping mall. This is not the only thing that Santiago has put his time and money into. He is definitely helping Brazil become a much more interesting place for shoppers that want to partake in a little of everything all in the same place. There are few places where shoppers will be able to have a couple of drinks at a bar before they go and take a look at some clothing. There are virtually no places that have the amount of square footage that this mall has.


Robert Santiago did a great job of planning this mega mall for a wide range of consumers that have different tastes. The parking lot holds over 2,000 cars, and there are all types of food choices and clothing shops for a wide range of customers needs.