Oxford Club’s History and Investment Advice

The Oxford Club is a private group of individuals who are concerned with the proper management of wealth. The group is made of of wealthy businessmen, investors, and other entrepreneurs. Despite some beliefs, The Oxford Club is not a ‘secret society,’ rather, just a highly selective group. This is because they want only the best in terms of members. The ethos of the club is to create a more sociable investment club that is focused on investing through more personal connections, instead of through mainstream media suggestions or other similar routes of advice. The Oxford Club has more than 157,000 members, which includes individuals representing over 130 different countries.

By focusing on both investment strategies as well as investment opportunities, The Oxford Club aids individuals in their wealth management. This two pronged approach is incredibly successful for the club’s members. By illustrating the proper methods to make investments as well, the club members are more able to make investments later in life more successfully, due to the information learned because of their membership in The Oxford Club. A recent publication outlines four investment strategies that anyone could use, courtesy of the club.

The first strategy is referred to as ‘a well-balanced investment diet.’ But what does this mean? Everyone knows that one should have a variety of stocks to avoid putting all of ones eggs in a single basket, so to speak, but this takes it a step further. Different types of stocks, and other investments like bonds and mutual trade funds. This ensures that even if one avenue of investments takes a financial hit, it is unlikely that everything will suffer; thus ensuring that one still has some semblance of financial security. Secondly, The Oxford Club suggests a strategy that should be common sense, yet is not. ‘Have an exit strategy.’ It is not always the simplest task to sell or re-liquidate an invested asset, and this is something to consider before even acquiring said asset.

The third strategy used by The Oxford Club is to ‘consider size.’ When it comes to size of investments, bigger is not always better. Investing is inherently risky, and by putting a huge amount of money into a singular asset or stock is dangerous behavior. Thus, one should consider the risk of an investment when deciding how much money to contribute. Finally, investing can be full of hidden fees, such as broker fees or selling fees. When becoming a bigger investor with more financial clout, these fees can become rather hefty. The Oxford Club urges its members to look for ways in which to lessen or eliminate some or all of the fees involved in the investment process; which increases overall revenue.