OSI Industries thrives after many years in the industry

When you visit a restaurant to dine or a supermarket to buy a food product, you should think of OSI Industries. The company is known for supplying various protein products like cheese, poultry and beef to retailers like supermarkets and restaurants. Whether you are interested in buying fish, pork and chicken OSI provides all these. The best part is their products are of excellent quality because they are always focused on good health and quality. They care for the health of their customers and pocket too because they provide the products at an affordable fee. If you read reviews from customers, you can know this easily. That is why the organization has been leading in the food sector.



OSI Industries is not a company that has rose to fame within a short time. They have been in the business for decades, and they have been rising slowly. It started as a local firm that offered meat products to the locals. The founder was an immigrant from Germany and was called Otto Kolschowsky. He was the one who led the operations of the company. But later it changed to Otto & Sons when it became a family business. He was working being assisted by his sons.

Entry of Sheldon Lavin


OSI Industries established a firm foundation, and it now attracted many customers. They demanded more of the meat products, and mostly they were local clients. That is why the company had to look for ways to increase the supply. That is how Sheldon Lavin joined the OSI Industries. He was to provide funding but later got interested in its operations and took full control. Sheldon Lavin is an able leader, and within a few years of his entry, the company had expanded its operations.



Sheldon Lavin was working as a financial advisor and was based in Chicago before he took control of the company. He helped the company in many ways like the proper allocation of resources. He was hired to offer advice because he was the best in the financial industry. He provided excellent services, and soon the company started achieving its goals of expanding to offer services to other countries.