OSI Industries: Growing Exponentially in the Food Industry

OSI Industries is one of the top 100 companies in the United States today. Just like any other businesses, they started small and its owners strived hard to make the business grow considerably. The company, which is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, has a lot of operational facilities around the globe. They are known for their meat manufacturing procedures that are being praised by experts because of its sanitation and effectivity. Many people are also purchasing protein products from the OSI Industries because of its high quality. For some, the products being manufactured by the OSI Industries is a testament on their dedication to provide quality foods to everyone, and OSI Industries stated that they will keep on producing high-end products for the masses.

Established in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky, an immigrant from Germany who came into the United States in the early 1900s, the OSI Industries initially operated as a small family business. It was a meat shop back then, selling their products in a small area in Illinois. Otto Kolschowsky felt the difficulty of living in another country, so he had to establish a business that support his family’s financial needs. His business became a hit among the locals, and he found out that he starts to earn big from selling meat. He decided to open up another branch in Maywood, Illinois after he earned a lot of money from his business. Otto Kolschowsky became a good businessman who knows how to handle his profit, and soon after, the OSI Industries transformed into a growing business that focuses on protein products.

In 1955, a business deal between OSI Industries and McDonald’s Corporation would change the life of Otto Kolschowsky for the better. The deal states that OSI Industries will become one of McDonald’s Corporation’s suppliers of beef patty. Through the years of partnership, McDonald’s Corporation praised the quality of beef patties that are being supplied to them by the OSI Industries. As McDonald’s Corporation spread across the world, the protein manufacturing business of the OSI Industries followed suit. After the invention of the meat freezing technology years after the two companies signed their partnership, the OSI Industries thought that McDonald’s Corporation will be cutting off their contract with them, but Otto Kolschowsky was surprised that the fast food giant decided to keep them as a business partner. McDonald’s Corporation stated that they have grown to love the products sold by the OSI Industries, and that it will be a waste if they terminated the contract. The trust built between the two companies is enough to prove that the OSI Industries is a great business partner.

Today, the OSI Industries transformed into a billion dollar company, and they keep on acquiring foreign brands to be added to their growing list of subsidiaries. The giant food conglomerate is also active in more than 17 countries, employing 20,000 people. There is no stopping for the OSI Industries, and they will keep on acquiring new companies and creating more products that will be loved and supported by the public.

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