OSI Group’s Sheldon Lavin Is Responsible For Big Things At His Company

     Sheldon Lavin has been a man with both a vision and a mission to transform corporate culture in the food industry to something everyone can be proud of. He’s the CEO of OSI Group, one of the longest running meat supplier groups that is the chief supplier to fast food chains and local supermarkets. Lavin has been with the company for more than 40 years and he has strived to make the company a place where employees are cared for and treated like extended family. He has made sure that with every acquisition the company makes that employees at that company are given the opportunity to stay and work for OSI Group.

OSI Group was actually originally known as Otto & Sons, a company named for its original owner Otto Kolschowsky who started a butcher shop in Chicago in 1909. It was over 6 decades later that Lavin came to the company after spending his early years in banking and investments. He was retired and ran a part time company in consulting and strategic planning, and the Otto & Sons Kolschowsky owners wanted his guidance to build their operations. Lavin only took this gig with Otto & Sons on part time initially, but as the company grew the Kolschowsky’s decided to retire and felt Lavin was the best choice to run their company. And in agreement with the McDonalds corporation he bought the controlling shares in the company.

Because Otto & Sons was now buying processing plants overseas and changing the way they did business, Lavin had the company rebranded to OSI Group. He began building relationships with local distributors and salespeople in the European, Asian and Latin American markets and as the years went on more processing plants were added to the portfolio. Lavin has also worked to make sure OSI Group has upheld the highest safety standards and was honored by the British Safety Council with the Globe award. He also won the Global Visionary Award from World Vision Academy.

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