OSI Group: Just in Time for the Best

The USA is world renowned for its business acumen and acceptance of entrepreneurs. All around the globe, fellow human beings know that if they can get their idea to bud in some part of mainland USA, then it is just a matter of time before it attains a global reach whether per expansion or sales. Perhaps it is due to the work ethic of the job force. Maybe it is because of the three Cs of the SBA. Or such success could rest with the undying vision and hope of the entrepreneurs. The story of the OSI Group is a perfect example.

Starting out as a German immigrant’s desire to bring home flavors to his compatriot neighbors, it began with the best homemade sausages in town. Within two years of owner Otto Kolschowsky’s arrival, he opened his butcher shop in 1909 in Chicago, Ilinois, USA. Today, it owns and/or manages one of the most vast conglomerations of food suppliers in all of the world. No matter what you have eaten today, there is a high chance that the creativity and genuis of the chefs and managers at OSI Group have had a hand in getting it to your table.

Currently, OSI Group designs and processes so many types of foods that it has grouped or assigned its plants into categories such as beef, poultry, produce, sausages and dough. The company is reported as owning and/or managing more than 50 plants in more than 50 countries. It supplies for restaurant chains such as McDonald’s, Yum, Subway, Burger King, Saizeriya, Starbucks and Papa John’s in addition to providing for grocery and mail-order chains. There is an impressive history of world growth of the company from 1909 through today.

Otto Kolschowsky first established himself as a reliable, local butcher. He then expanded his business in order to attend to other neighbors so that those customers wouldn’t have to travel long distances to benefit from his fresh products and personalized service. Within a decade, he began to offer wholesale supplies to restaurants, hotels and dignitaries of his day who held large gatherings. As Otto & Sons, Inc., his became the first, vast food supplier of the McDonald’s Restaurant chain per a business relationship engendered with Ray Kroc prior to McDonald’s growth in national locations. Thereafter, his company registered as OSI Group and set in motion a division dedicated to supplying the menu needs of McDonald’s. Ever since then, it has grown in volume and locations, hand in hand, with the now ubiquitous family restaurant chain.