NUODB The Future of SQL databases

NUODB is a potent and elastic SQL Database management system for developers that delivers performance and reliability for your custom applications. Its architecture utilizes a distributed object that functions in cloud-based applications. Called by many “The NewSQL” NUODB offers the traditional SQL databases, simultaneously it utilizes scale-out processing without sharding. To avoid bottlenecks of data from forming the database distributes its tasks among various processors. It routes tasks to nodes via peer-to-peer messaging and it is not only memory-centric but ACID complaint for transaction reliability. Comprising multiple, redundant tiers of transaction engines and storage managers NUODB uses a tiered approach that predictably scales the data in the cloud.

NuoDB uses a three-tier structure:
*Storage tiers

Close coupling an application and its data on the hard disk have been a hindrance with some cloud applications, but that’s not a problem for NuoDB which can work without it becuase of its layered approach.