Nick Vertucci: Authoring a Motivational Book

Nick Vertucci is an expert in real estate flipping. The practice, according to him, changed his life forever. Through renovating old homes and selling them to new buyers, he managed to get out of bankruptcy and fixed his life which has been taken down by a serious of economic meltdowns. Today, he is enthusiastic in spreading the good news about how real estate flipping can make someone wealthy in the shortest period. He currently visits cities in North America, invited thousands of people to attend his seminars and conferences that talks solely about the benefits of real estate flipping.

Nick Vertucci recalled how he struggled when he was younger. He stated that his father died when he and his siblings were young, and it was his mother who had to strive hard to feed them. At an early age, he understood how his mother sacrificed her life just to give them what they wanted. Feeling guilty, he left home when he was 18 years old. The first thing that he did was to think of something that can be translated as a source of income. Since he knew something about computers, he decided to build a business related to computer technology. He gained so many clients after his business became a huge hit. The money that he earned through his firm was invested in a long-term investment, most notably the dot-com craze.

Everything was doing great for Nick Vertucci, until the dot-com bubble burst, and he was left with debts and losses. He was devastated with the quick turn of events, but instead of becoming hopeless, he seeks the assistance from his close friends. He was taken to a seminar about real estate flipping, and after he heard how an individual could potentially earn a lot from the practice, he decided to study how it is done. Nick Vertucci has been studying the techniques on real estate flipping for more than a decade, and it has transformed his life. He managed to get all his losses back, and he is now earning millions of dollars. He wanted to share his successful life story to serve as an inspiration to others, so he decided to write a book and sell it online.

Nick Vertucci’s book, with the title “Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed,” became one of’s bestsellers. The book talked about his hardships when he was younger, and how he overcame all the challenges that he faced in life to become a successful real estate flipper. The message of the book is so strong, that other entrepreneurs and business people are encouraging the public to buy it. Those who have purchased the book confirms its inspirational and motivational message.