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Wall Street has changed its sentimental on technology sector; this is due to the latest selloff that has made some investors nervous. The sentiments changes will make the summer market choppier with low-volume sales which are not unusual, but the market change has made it even worse. The best way for any investor to survive such market sentiment is to take advantage and apply the proactive strategy. Watch and learn from their tutorial videos here.

The proactive strategy uses unique strategies that make it profit even during a choppy market. Most of the investors have used proactive strategy since its inception in January 2000, and the most used one is lock and walk. The strategy has proven to conquer the choppy market and bring profitable gains, but the code of life states that precedent results don’t warranty future outcome. The proactive strategy uses the resistance and support level to aid in trading the ProShares QID and QLD in an ultra-short period when the levels break. The rules applied include:

Target to sell if the support is QLD supported

If the target breaks the resistances sell QLD

Target to sell if the QID resistance is tested

If the target breaks the resistances sell QID

Netpicks gives trader strategies to trade smarter but for a shorter period. The company was formed in 1996 with the main aim to assist traders to trade efficiently. It targets the day and online traders with emerging trends that are easy to apply and succeeded. Netpicks since its inception has given a gold standard of providing high-quality trading education on trading matters. The company covers forex, options and ETFs, stocks, Future and the offer both systems and signals in swing and day trading. Netpicks main agenda is to help the regular trader make consistent profits in the ever-versatile market. Useful trading tips here.

The company has its headquarters at Irving, Texas and managed by Mark Soberman who has more than 25 years of continuous personal trading experience. Netpicks under the supervision of Mark has a well-trained staff that has real experiences dealing with the real market. They are real trading experts who bring a robust wealth of trading strategies to make constant profits.  Start getting connected, hop over to

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