Mikhail Blagosklonny, the cancer and old age problem solver

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a famous scientist who has put his life’s work in the study of cancer and aging. Blagosklonny’s interests include the research on cancer and the cancer therapies which protect the body’s cells against damage, as well as the chemistry behind aging and anti-aging medications. He has come up with a hypothesis on the possibility on the target of rapamycin, TOR that signals aging and cancer. Blagosklonny proposed the use of rapamycin, a widely used drug, as a probable treatment for life extension.Mikhail Blagosklonny was a former student of the First Pavlov State Medical University of Saint Petersburg studying his Master’s Degree in internal medicine and Ph.D. in the study of experimental medicine and cardiology. Blagosklonny’s previous careers before fully devoting himself to being a scientist include associate medicine professor at the New York Medical College, Valhalla, New York and senior scientist position at the Ordway Research Institute in Albany, New York.

Blagosklonny believes that it is a misguided perception for someone to think that aging cannot be solved scientifically. This is because as per the TOR model, you can be able to prevent diseases and treat aging by using rapamycin and other rapalogs if you consume them in proper doses. Due to this, it is no longer assumed that aging is brought about by the accumulation of damaged molecules in the body. Rapamycin does this by improving the immunity as humans’ age. Rapamycin was launched in 2016, it has been used in the treatment of cancer, autoimmunity, cardiovascular diseases, and metabolic disorders. Rapamycin may also be administered to patients suffering from osteoporosis aging and Alzheimer. When rapamycin is used as an aging drug, it slows down the senescence which also brings about prevention of diseases.

Rapamycin is a drug that can even be used daily and for several years with patients that have undergone body transplants. The drug is very safe, in that, scientists used it on healthy individuals. It works by transforming one’s immunity from that of an aged person to that of an infant’s. Preclinical tests revealed that the drug did not have any anti-tumor, calorie restriction, and bone-sparing side effects.Blagosklonny admits that it may not be possible to get rid of death and have people living forever. This is because the ability to age in human beings is quasi-programmed and not accidental. Having to inhibit the TOR may be able to extend the life span of a person, which in turn reveals the post-aging syndrome.In his quest to treat cancer, Mikhail Blagosklonny tries managing how to come up with new ways to provide cancer treatment that is both inexpensive and painless. He hopes that he will be able to find a way to eliminate the cancer cells from the human body without having to destroy other healthy cells which have a crucial job in the rejuvenation of the body and the mind. Blagosklonny hopes that his work on cancer will inspire other scientists to pick up from where he will stop, to ensure the treatment of cancer is affordable to all those who suffer from it.