Michael Zomber, A Modern Renaissance Man

Michael Zomber is a renaissance man in today’s world with unique passions and accomplishments.
Zomber is a historian and an expert in antique guns and weaponry, appearing on the History Channel as an expert in its Tales of the Gun series. He is also an authority on Japanese samurai swords.

Zomber has written several fiction and non-fiction history books that draw from his vast knowledge of guns and samurai swords. His works include Sweet Betsy That’s Me: A Child of the Civil War, Shogun Iemitsu, and Jesus and the Samurai. He and his wife also produced a documentary film, Soul of the Samurai.

Even though Zomber is an expert in the history of weaponry and in collecting and selling ancient weapons, he is far from being a proponent of war. He supports many philanthropic organizations that work to bring peace in the world and further human rights. These include Antiwar.com and the Randolph Bourne Institute. Zomber also supports UNICEF, the Smile Train, and Doctors Without Borders, that work to improve the health of people in underprivileged countries. He also supports Disabled American Veterans in an effort to ensure that the men and women in our military who have been injured while serving their country are properly cared for and not forgotten.

With degrees in English Literature and Psychology, Zomber lives in Philadelphia with his wife and two children, Gabriella and Christopher.