Meet Eric Pulier: The Harvard Graduate Making the World A Better Place

The boyish looks of Eric Pulier can easily fool you into mistaking him for just another up and coming millennial entrepreneur. The reality, however, is that Eric is a giant among mere mortals in more ways than first meets the eye. But then again, his startling achievements are to be expected from a person who graduated with top honors from Harvard University.

Eric’s Impressive CV

Before enrolling into Harvard to pursue his degree in English and American literature, Eric already had a database tech company he started while still at high school. Since leaving Harvard, this serial tech capitalist has worked with the who’s who of the tech industry. So far, he’s succeeded in founding and co-founding well over 30 companies with a global appeal. His previous ventures include Desktone, Akana Enterprise Professional Services (US Interactive), Media Platform and SOA Software and People Doing Things (PDT).

Eric the Motivational Speaker

Mr. Eric Pulier is a great orator and writer who often gets called to give inspirational talks to students all over the nation. Eric has always tried to find new means and ways to infuse technology into the everyday living. For instance, through his companies PDT and Digital Revolution launched in 1991 and 1994 respectively, he’s been able to significantly improve access to education and health care services to the masses.

Starbright World

His generosity and empathy have seen him use his programming and funding skills to set up a social media network called, Starbright World. That venture developed and released a unique social network enabling kids with MS and other debilitating medical conditions to chat, talk and generally interact with each other.

Working with Chronically-Ill Kids

Eric’s finest hour came in 1997 when he got chosen to head an ambitious project dubbed, ‘The Bridge to the 21st Century.’ This program was backed by among other influential personalities like Bill Clinton and Al Gore. The partnership aimed at finding cheaply priced cloud computer solutions to kids living in disadvantaged areas of the world.Being the kindred soul he is, Pulier went ahead to start a non-profit startup called XPrize. This initiative got created to nurture and mentor young minds by giving them awards for exemplary achievements. The program went ahead to become a huge success. Most of the students who passed through this boot camp are now well-established and successful investors in various fields.