Matt Badiali’s Advice To Investors

     Matt Badiali is the editor of S&A Resources Report which is a monthly investment advisory. The advisory mostly focuses on natural resources such as uranium, gold, water, silver, gas, and oil. He is an experienced geologist, hydrologist, and consultant in the oil industry. He regularly contributes to Growth Stock Wire which is a free pre-market briefing on the most profitable trade opportunities at any given time. Mr. Badiali went to Florida Atlantic University where he graduated with a master’s degree in geology.

Recently, the price of Copper has increased enormously this has been influenced by the increase in electric cars in the recent years. According to an industry report by Reuters, this will increase the demand for copper by the automotive industry. The number of electric vehicles that will be manufactured between 2017 and 2027 are estimated to rise from 3 million to 27 million. This will, therefore, lead to an increased demand for copper from 185,000 metric turns to 1.74 metric tons annually by 2027. The automotive sector will increase from the one percent consumption of world’s copper to seven percent. This estimation has been done according to today’s production levels. Matt Badiali has advised people to invest in the copper sector as it is one of the metals that will bring most profits to individuals. If the demand for copper increases, the price will also increase, and as a result, there will be new sources of copper in future.

Matt Badiali has also advised on investment into corn sector. Prices are mostly determined by investors and how they are buying or selling in the market. When prices are low, it is the best time to invest so that when prices are high one can sell and make a profit. The price of corn has been estimated to be at the lowest point since 2013 November, and the prices have risen by 22 percent six months after that. The crop prices lowered when people expected it to rise. Mr. Badiali speculates that corn prices will rise again by the end of 2018 and continue to do so at the beginning of 2018. Most investors are scared of getting into the corn sector due to its track record. This has given experts a chance to speculate the prices of corn over the next few weeks. It is believed that the prices may fluctuate. Exportation of the crop is also estimated to increase.