Jon Urbana Founded a Company, and Here’s What Happened

Jon Urbana is a man that is very familiar with the great outdoors. He is a Denver, Colorado native and believes that it is essential that people start to take an interest in keeping the environment clean. This is the only way to make sure that future generations are able to enjoy the beautiful natural environment that he enjoyed growing up in Colorado. Jon Urbana is also a former lacrosse player with a multitude of interest that keep him very busy. His top interest includes working with local charities, connecting with social media, lacrosse, and music.

It is very apparent that Urbana has an unwavering interest in the great outdoors. His strong interest in a clean environment led him to Earth Force Inc. The group is committed to mobilizing youth and getting them to join in with the quest to improve the local environment with an emphasis on keeping natural beauty. He set up a GoFundMe page to support Jon Urbana’s chosen┬ácharity here.

Jon Urbana likes to touch bases with social media every chance that he gets. Clearly, Jon Urbana is a big fan of social media sites like Twitter. Social media is an excellent way to release information about his charity work and other efforts keeping him busy. He regularly posts to sites like Jon Urbana at Twitter.
Jon Urbana is a former lacrosse player for Villanova. He likes to use his experience to teach the new generation of lacrosse players at his Next Level Lacrosse Camp for youth in Colorado, which is also the brainchild of Jon Urbana. The kids attending the summer camp get the opportunity to learn from a real professional that truly understands the game. Learn more about the camp here.
Jon Urbana is always in his home studio, composing new tunes with the help of his guitar and some very innovative software. Music is a special interest that Urbana has held all through his life. He has amassed quite a collection of his favorite songs on his SoundCloud Page. He invites all his friends and fans to check out the latest group of songs.