Jeff Yastine is the Total Wealth Insider director and also the Banyan Hill Publishing editorial director. He acquired his education from Florida University where he studied journalism and immediately after completing school he landed his first job at the Raleigh-Durham market of North Carolina where he worked as a TV reporter. In the year 1993, he became part of PBS, a nightly business broadcast, where he worked as an anchor and a national correspondent until 2010. While working in the PBS, he got more exposed to the world of economics business and finance through interviewing several entrepreneurs who are top most around the globe like the Wayne Huizenga the waste management founder, founder of low-cost mutual fund Richard Branson, Nobel prize winner Laureate Richard among others. He joined the Banyan Hill Publishing firm in the year 2015. See more of Jeff Yastine on facebook.

He is also a weekly contributor to the Winning Investor Daily where he offers his assistance to investors in learning the monetary, economic and business trends. He has also won several awards throughout his career among them being part of the NBR journalist team that won the NY state society in the year 2002 and was also nominated in 2007 for the Emmy Award.

John F. Kennedy created the Kennedy accounts with the aim of making America moving again. Being a son the SEC chair, John Kennedy was well versed with the importance of stock markets. At the time Kennedy was vying, America’s economy was under strain with high rise of unemployment, the GDP was getting flat, and the stock market was dropping. With the aim of making the state a great nation, he started channeling money to companies and investors. This resulted in what Jeff Yastine called the Kennedy accounts.

Jeff Yastine is also a writer in the CrunchBase and On a recent article he wrote on the medium about Amazon competitors, he says that as at the 21st century, the only organizations that pose a threat to Amazon are NYSE: GGW a global food provider firm, NYSE: GGW an industrial supply firm supplies and eBay that owns several better ware houses compared to those of Amazon.

He also speaks about the cybersecurity where he blames the poor computer security systems for the cyber hacks witnessed in companies. He advises that a good security system is a must have and a priority for all companies around the globe. He blames the companies, saying that the biggest challenge facing most firms is not the inability to put on security systems but the assumption of cybersecurity threats. Learn More: