Investing Made Simple With New Real Estate Application Launch

In today’s market, it is important to be able to handle business on your mobile phone as well as your computer. Most people are replacing their large laptop or desktop computers with the smaller android tablets and iPhones. This technology is replacing the larger units and allowing individuals the convenience of having a computer on their smaller phones. People are happy to see that the real estate community is upping their game as well. David Osio and his real estate team are now offering a new Real Estate Application that can predict the market for years to come. The new application will benefit investors greatly. It will provide customers with the ability to purchase properties to flip. It will allow individuals to predict the market and their potential gain on a property after all of the expenses are taken into consideration. The application is also going to be wonderful when it comes to predicting potential rent for a property.

David Osio works closely with Gerald Gonzalez, the Executive Director of the Real estate group. They are on the cutting edge of something fantastic. This application will be a tremendous help for the real estate community as well. Agents will have the ability to type in key information and formulate the predicted mortgage of a property while showing it to clients. Tecknolution, the applications designer company, is working hard to provide the real estate world with cutting-edge solutions and technology. It is very important to the real estate investors to be able to chat live with their agent and financial advisors. This live chat allows investors to feel confident about their purchases.

Davos Financial Group founder, David Osio, resides in Miami Florida. He loves sports and often tweets about football or baseball happenings. He also takes great pride in helping the less fortunate such as the Venezuela Children’s Hospital. He also contributes to the Miami Symphony Orchestra regularly. Osio studies in Venezuela and New York. He received his law degree before completing and graduating with honors for Finance and Banking. Osio is a leader in information and technology. He enjoys striving for the future and works hard to be a leader in the Latin American Market.

Real estate companies and businesses have come long ways. It all began with showing what you have. The realtor would list it and show it by foot and appointment. Then came staging. Many real estate agents agree that clean-up and staging go a long way towards selling a property. Property shoppers usually love to imagine themselves in the property so staging helps. Finally, the new technology that helps people look at properties online before viewing in person. This is done by websites and information a broker downloads. After all of this customers will be happy to see that they can download an application to help them in calculating mortgages, rental incomes, and potential gains. This application will be a step saver for people hoping to buy in today’s real estate market.

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