How ClassDojo has Transformed Classroom Management

ClassDojo is an important tool that encourages students to make decent choices and exercise positive behaviors in their classrooms. Students will earn points for displaying positive behaviors and may also lose points for showing negative behaviors. It gives teachers the opportunity to point out and reward positive activities as opposed to focusing only on the negative things. The parents are also able to monitor the progress of their children by highlighting the areas that need improvement and commend the areas where the child is doing quite well.


Benefits to Teachers:


Teachers can come up with reward systems that translate points earned in ClassDojo into ‘Dojo Dollars’ that they can spend on the bonus. The rewards may range from free lunch with friends; free homework passes, etc.


This new form of classroom management has saved the teachers the agony of explaining student performance or behavioral changes, up or down. ClassDojo enables all parties involved to monitor the student behavior, and the final assessment is definite to all sides. It is easy to track data for individual students that can be shared during data conferences or meetings with parents.


ClassDojo has flexible features which allow teachers to customize the app to fit their various classrooms. They can key in the skills they need their students to work on and the individual scores for each skill. There are also windows for different reports that can be generated for each student. This can be extracted in the form of easy-to-interpret formats like pie charts that can be printed out for parents who may not access the window at home.


Benefits to Students:


Students also have access to log on to ClassDojo and view their progress. The student profiles come with a monster Avatar that they can customize to suit their character. This monster will be displayed whenever they log into the app.


Benefits to Parents:


Consistent communication throughout the school day, and even throughout the year, enables parents to be up to date with what their children are doing and how they relate to others at school all the time. They are therefore not surprised by incidents and occurrences that are usually discussed only once every year, during the parent teachers meetings.


Final Verdict:


The classroom management app gives parents, teachers, and students real-time access to sharing photos, messages, videos, throughout the school day. This platform is revolutionized classroom management and is currently used in over 180 countries worldwide and 90 percent of districts in the U.S.


ClassDojo has recently raised $21 million in the Series-B round of venture technical funding. This connects the teachers to parents by enhancing consistent communication about student’s activities, behavior, and social development while at school.