Harahan and Dua Are Cleaning Up Across the USA

A unique household service founded by two Harvard students is rapidly booming in every city where the business services are being offered. Oisin Hanrahan and Umag Dua, while sitting in their dorm in 2012, pondering business ideas designed a unique business concept that has attracted the attention of hundreds of thousands of business people. Their ingenious idea is unique and as simple as using your cell phone. A person merely completes an easy form fill-in on their cell phone and order cleaning service, plumbing repair, etc. for their home or business, date, time and number of rooms needing service and submit. Within a short period, a reply is received with an estimate for the service requested and it can be either accepted or rejected. Accept and the appointment is scheduled. All work guaranteed, and the tip and tax are included in the work proposal and payment is immediate to the freelance worker. The user provides payment information and Handy manages the receipt of payment for work and payment to the freelancer including year-end 1099 statement, and included in the payment is Handybook’s fee.

Where do Hanrahan and Dua find the people to do the job? Easy to find the people, but the interview process, background check, and references need to pass the scrutiny of Handybook isn’t that simple. They say it is easier to get into Harvard than to pass their rigorous background check. This service offers a win-win situation for user and freelance workers. Handybook is the hub of the service, finding the freelance workers, matching them up with the users, thus providing the unique service guaranteed to both user and freelance worker. Utilizing the 1099 form, all freelance workers receive an annual 1099 statement and handle reporting of their taxes. Hourly rates fluctuate between $15.00 and $22.00 per hour depending on the job requirements, but the average wage is $18.00 per hour. Handybook not only provides a useful service to their customers’ but affords freelance workers the opportunity to increase reportable income.

The Handybook is available in the larger cities in the United States, such as New York, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, and Los Angeles and continuing to increase their expansion to other major cities throughout the US. Growing so rapidly has required a software upgrade to manage the customer growth and increase options and variety of services being offered, in addition to reliable service providers. Running a two-sided marketplace isn’t as easy as it appears, and matching the job request with the appropriate provider takes a unique skill, but these Hanrahan and Dua are not only cleaning up homes and businesses, they are cleaning up in the profit area too. This New York-based company is being called the Uber of home maintenance.

Included in their expansion was the purchase of a cleaning business on the west coast for an undisclosed price in the neighborhood of $10 million. Investors in Handybook’s funding rounds are very pleased with the progress this investment has attained and are looking for future growth and expansion of this business. Specially designed and uniquely managed for ultimate customer service and satisfaction.