Gregory Aziz: An Investment Of The Past, Made A Visionary Of Today

The birth of a vision carried on..

National Steel Car is based in Hamilton, Ontario and was founded in 1912. It is currently the largest manufacturer of rolling stock in Canada and has always been listed year after year as one of the top 3 manufacturers in Canada. National Steel Car company was created by a few different investors that were brought together by Sir John Morison Gibson, and at the time they referred to the company as the “National Steel Car Project”. The National Steel Car Project was led by Basil Magor, who was one of the investors that came from Magor Car Corporation.


Because the National Steel Car Project hit the ground running and surpassed all expectations in just the first year, this brought them a lot B2B attention. This led to them doing business with a number of the large boxcar and railcar companies like Canadian Pacific Railway and Canadian Northern Railway. It is very important to notice the type of professional tone that was set by its leaders from the very beginning. These men were able to make it through the Great Depression and World War 2. In fact, they used the War to their advantage by making their service known and available during a much need time and began working contract for the United States.


In 1994, National Steel Car company was sold to Hamilton Corporation National Industries Inc. who was owned by Greg Aziz. Gregory James Aziz was a man that carried with him a vision, all the time, for everything that he part took off. So, when he took over the National Steel Car company he had a vision for the company. Gregory J Aziz’s hard work and dedication not just to the company, its employees, and its customers but also to his vision, is what took that company from almost 600 employees to almost a 3,500-employee workforce. This change in the company’s workforce made it possible to increase the company’s production rail care from almost 3,600 to 12,500 capacities by the year 2000.


When you look for companies that are successful and that can be depended on with professional burden, you have to go back and get to know the person who is running the company and find out who they stand for. Gregory J Aziz creates a vision for his company, which creates a purpose for his employees, which in exchange creates a service that is above its competition. This strategic business platform has become a safe haven for its customers in a time of need.



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