Fashion and the Future of the Academy of Art University

Fashion has always been a driving force in both media and in the public. Some people work in the fashion industry for years, making it their mission to create new, exciting, and wearable works of art. Every now and then, new people with the desire and talent for fashion are discovered.


People in Fashion

People who work in fashion come from different parts of the world. They come from different backgrounds and styles. The variety of styles can vary due to different craftsmanship, silhouettes and ideas. All this and more have impressed audiences from all over the world, and caught the eye of Ms. J Alexander from America’s Next Top Model as well as Sarah Koslowski


The Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art University is located on Montgomery Street in San Francisco, California. They offer many courses that range from architecture to graphic design. If you are also looking to climb the fashion industry ladder up to the rank of art director, you can do that with a degree from AAU. Schooling for an art director position takes patience and steps to achieve, but you will have the education and guidance you need for whatever fashion career you desire.


Benefits of the Academy of Art University

All that is needed is a passion for learning and elevating your skills as an artist. You will be able to work in a supportive community. The staff at the Academy of Art University will challenge you to reach your full potential and to succeed. They have professionals who are ready to train with knowledge and experience.


Degree Information

You can earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the Academy of Art University. The four year program provides students with a good strong sense of discipline as well as the education and experience they need to succeed in the fashion industry..


This school is an excellent place to start if fashion is your passion. You get the basics and so much more to build layers upon the foundation they will provide you with.