Extending Customer Service Worldwide with David McDonald

David McDonald is the President and COO of OSI Group, a food product supplying company. A graduate from Iowa State University, Mr. McDonald obtained a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. Mr. McDonald holds several other positions as well, such as Project Manager of OSI Industries, Chairmn of the North American Meat Institute, Independent Director at Marfrig Global Foods, Director of OSI International Foods in Australia, and a board member of OSI Group’s board of directors. With his dealings with OSI Group, Mr. McDonald has helped grow the company exponentially.

David McDonald helps sustain and even keep increasing company momentum by helping all staff realize some key points. That in every local region, how they need to operate will be different, recognition of a specific local need. Working with a strong degree of flexibility to learn the culture. Food safety and product quality along with patience to solving complex cultural issues is the only way to find a real solution. Finally consistently find ways to build trust to do business with new and continuing consumers.

David McDonald OSI Group desires to demonstrate with government agencies what the company tries to accomplish. The initiative to mobilize staff and acquire resources for both sides groups, OSI Group and partners. Especially when the government is from another country, he communicates the need to believe in people, that they want whats best for everyone, and to do the right thing.

David McDonald discusses how with the acquisition of Baho Food, a Dutch manufacturer of convenience foods, they have increased effectiveness and presence in Europe. Baho Food had five smaller companies within its organization spread throughout Germany and the Netherlands. These five companies service 18 total European countries. David McDonald knows now serving the constantly changing needs of their customer will be better met now with Baho Food’s array of products and brands that will compliment what OSI Group currently has to offer.

David McDonald knew exactly what it would take to grow OSI Group to greater levels of success. Keeping food products and solutions localized to meet the specific needs of specific people groups. Communicate and establish the right relationships with entities that have similar goals in mind. Building trust with other companies, and acquiring the necessary resources with those companies to better meet the needs of consumers. Mr. McDonald brought out the best in himself for the company and the many that are influenced by OSI.