Doe Deere: Colorful and Headstrong

Doe Deere is the creator of Lime Crime, a Los Angeles, California, based cosmetics company. In 2004, Deere created an ebay account with the handle ‘limecrime.’ On this ebay account, she sold pieces from her DIY fashion line and modeled all of her pieces herself. Because she wanted her whole aesthetic to be consistent, she also made sure her makeup was as colorful as the clothing she designed.

Deere’s idea for a cosmetics line originated around the same time as her fashion line. She says that the idea was “part inspiration, part necessity.” The bright and unusual colors that Deere was looking for was nearly impossible to come by. In 2008, Deere launched Lime Crime.

For Deere, success is being on the same page as her customers. Her main goal is for her vision to be something that strikes a chord with her fans, so much so that they are proud to wear Lime Crime and become an ambassador for the brand. Being successful also means evolving and reinventing yourself multiple times while still remaining your true self. Deere also believes that being successful is making other people truly happy.

Deere’s biggest success thus far has been introducing a new category to the makeup market: a “liquid-to-matte lipstick that stays on, doesn’t crumble, and is transfer-proof.” Deere says that she worked for months in the lab with a chemist to perfect the formula of the new lipstick. The product line, which is called The Velvetines, is vegan. This means that the lipsticks contain absolutely no animal products or animal derived ingredients. Deere says that another big accomplishment for Lime Crime was getting the entire cosmetics lime certified cruelty free by Leaping Bunny, the most strict cruelty free certifier in the beauty industry.

Deere has had her share of challenges over the past few years. In 2014, Lime Crime had a devastating security breach. The Lime Crime website was hacked and customer information was stolen. Deere recognizes that the hacking was no fault of her own, but she still feels somewhat responsible for incident. She believes that restoring her customers’ confidence in the brand was the most difficult thing that she has ever had to do. After the incident, the Lime Crime team set up a extensive FAQ, a call center, an e-mail account for all hacking incident-related questions, and hired extra Customer Care help to reply to customers on Social Media outlets. Additionally, Lime Crime brought in online security experts to make sure such a hacking incident never happened again.

It’s hard to believe that someone like Doe Deere, who is a role model to so many women, would have a role model of her own. Deere notes that Kimberley Gordon, the mastermind of Wildfox, is her most important role model. Both Lime Crime and Wildfox started out with “a passion” and launched around the same time. Deere believes that Wildfox and Lime Crime also appeal to the same sort of person. She says that “it’s an absolute honor to call her my friend and mentor.”

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