Dan Newlin and Associates: The Experience Level is Critical to Success for Clients

Personal injury and accident cases always find themselves up against corporate law firms employed by insurance companies. Their goal is to win the case or drastically reduce the claim regardless of the pain or serious life changes for the claimant. When a law firm can apply the experience of the victim to the equation, it adds a new element to the process: a victim’s eye view. Dan Newlin has placed his vantage point on his career.

Dan Newlin began a long career in public service as an EMT in New Chicago, Indiana. Seeing the human cost of accidents and mishaps was a first person experience. Then as a police officer he saw even more of the human toll that accidents and negligence can cause. He learned from talking with victims how insurance companies can defend themselves by trying to reduce claims or use legal means to dismiss them.

Moving to Orange County, Florida he worked as a deputy sheriff and expanded his experience. The sheriff supported his attending law school and upon graduation began a successful career in accident and personal injury law. He opened up a firm to carry his work further bringing on s team of specialists and experienced attorneys and to date they have won over 100 million dollars for clients.

The firm has on staff experts who can investigate many areas in medical and other topics which add up to providing evidence for winning claims. Adding to this the personal input from Dan Newlin’s career as an EMT and peace officer, victims can feel secure that the resolve to win their case is in place and will prevail.

Recently the form added criminal defense to their agenda. Nothing can be as damaging to a person as being accused unjustly of a crime. Pursuing justice in these cases is another service that Dan Newlin an Associates. As a law officer Dan had seen where the human toll of false arrest and accusation can be traumatic. The firm prusues justice for its clients persistently and with resolve.Justice will be served.