CipherCloud Creates Cloud Storage With Amazing Security

CipherCloud is a leading cloud services company that specializes in incredible security. Clients who come to CipherCloud for assistance are given beautiful cloud storage services that help lock away their most important files, and the security procedures used by CipherCloud will help protect files that cannot be seen by anyone. Medical offices who must comply with HIPAA may use the CipherCloud service, and companies with millions of customer information files can protect their customers from hacking. This article explains how the CipherCloud offices help customers remain safe online.

#1: Cloud Services Are Growing Exponentially

Cloud service companies are popping up all over the Internet, but only CipherCloud has a storage division and a security division. The storage division provides massive amounts of space for all their customers, and the company provides the space at low prices. A large company may hide away millions of files in a small cloud server created by CipherCloud, and the charge for space each month is relatively low.

#2: Security Is Important

Recent hacking attacks in the news have shown that online security is the most important part of an online business. Online businesses could have any amount of information stolen at any time, and each company could lose millions of dollars due to a breach. CipherCloud oversees security on every cloud server, and they report any breaches to their customers. CipherCloud is an expert manager of online security, and the security procedures are set according to the customer’s needs.

#3: Management Is Taken Out Of The Hands Of Customers

Every customer working with CipherCloud has an idea of how to manage their own security, but no customer has the training of experience to manage their security alone. CipherCloud works on security every day, and the security for each customer is customized. Clients who work with CipherCloud are taking a large item off their plate, and customers who trust in CipherCloud get automatic updates on the status of each site or server.

CipherCloud is a full-service company that allows customers to work on the core of their business and not worry about security. A company managing its own security could make mistakes, but a company working with CipherCloud is constantly aware of their security status. CipherCloud helps manage these accounts in a close one-on-one relationship with each customer, and customers who need that kind of close partnership will feel satisfied after their meetings with CipherCloud.

CipherCloud is a leading cloud server provider that keeps customers happy with attention to detail, amazing security and large cloud servers. Each customer is given customized service for their cloud servers, and the security procedures are kept as tight as possible for the protection of the client, their information and their bottom line.