Jon Urbana’s Earth Force GoFundMe Making Waves

When anyone thinks about the long term future of the planet, they might have some great ideas in mind. They also know that there are a lot of potential problems, but also potential solutions for the future. However, at the end of the day almost anyone can see that even if there are answers for the future and champions of justice on the horizon, the change needs to be instilled today in the young people for it to come to fruition down the line. One individual happens to have experience in teaching and coaching the youth, and he is starting to make a true difference already for the future.

Denver native Jon Urbana is not only able to get the most out of his young learners on the lacrosse field as a coach and a mentor to the players, he is also a mentor for the future leaders thanks to his new project for Earth Force. Not only are the young people able to get a firsthand education about how the front lines operate when it comes to fostering change, but they truly are able to get the experience as well.

With offseason coaching available through his Twitter nuggets and Instagram infographics, you can benefit from Urbana’s advice even when Next Level isn’t in session. And if entrepreneurship is more of your thing, his very own blog is loaded with articles and case studies that show the impact of his camp on its students. Next Level has gotten plenty of accolades (see some on Slideshare) in the press, and Urbana’s own site has a list of more articles written over the years. And some more coverage on Crunchbase shows that the word’s getting out there.

Whether you truly understand the importance of change for the future or not, you can absolutely imagine how important it is for young people to be able to grow with a role model that they can trust and learn from. Not only are the young people and tomorrow’s future starting to look up thanks to Earth Force, but the generations of disrespecting the environment truly are starting to be erased thanks to the work ethic and vision that Villanova’s star player displays on the lacrosse field and off. Not only are the young people becoming tomorrow’s leaders because of the hard work they are doing now, but with the ability to get this experience they are also gaining the needed confidence to continue to grow in their leadership roles as well.

Even if you don’t know all of the specifics of Earth Force in general, you truly can see the good in the vision of Jon Urbana. Earth Force is full of potential, and you should check out the posibilities it offers today.

Yeonmi Park: The Young Activist With A Big Cause

Last year at the One Young World Summit in Dublin, a young girl wearing a traditional Korean dress took the stage to recount the journey her and her family took to escape North Korea. The video that went up live on YouTube was viewed by millions over the world and gave a different light on the country that is North Korea. That girl was Yeonmi Park.

Her family tried to escape North Korea in 2007, and they were helped over the Chinese border by missionaries. Her father who was sick at the time of the escape stayed behind but would late rejoin them in China. Thus began a long journey that saw them her watch her father die in China and then see them move though China and Mongolia to reach South Korea.

The North Korean government released a statement saying that he father had died in Korea and not in China as Park says Yeonmi has refuted claims made by the North Korean government that seek to discredit her story. But Park has said that she will obtain her father’s DNA from his remains to prove that she was saying the truth. The only “wrong” that Yeonmi can be said to have done is not revealing that she was sold to human traffickers and had not talked about it because it was traumatizing and humiliating. She later admitted that once she became a human rights activist she would need to dispel the whole truth.

North Korea has recently used his tactic as a way to discredit the statements that defectors and activists have given and by doing so; try to save its reputation. North Korea has been known to use more deadly tactics and in the past, death threats and assassinations would be used.

In an interview earlier this year, Yeonmi recounted how demoralizing North Korea was, starting from its education system. She said that in Math lessons a school, they would be asked questions such as “If you kill 5 Americans, and they were ten initially, how many would be left?” She said that they were brought up to hate other countries, and their young minds were fed with false information about their country.
She has recounted tales when people would b punished if they opposed the regime or broke any laws. At one time, one of her mother’s close friends was executed because of a petty issue and the image remains with her till today.

Yeonmi has appeared before the US State Department to give her testimony together with fellow defector Joseph Kim. She also spoke at the Women in the World Summit in April of this year where many more people go to hear her story. She spoke about freedom and how the people of North Korea are denied the chance to express themselves and it was as if they were owned by the government. Yeonmi wants to be the voice of people who are denied human rights and are not considered equal.

She is a student at the Dongguk University in Seoul and is working on her book In Order to Live: A North Korean’s Journey to Freedom which is coming out sometime this year.