OrganoGold Turkey Invasion: Bernardo Chua Anticipates Fruitful Returns

Turkey is the newest addition to the collection of countries participating in the OrganoGold coffee movement a PR Newswire publication recently revealed. The coffee franchise currently has outlets in 38 countries, making Turkey the 39th destination. OrganoGold has already originated a GFI (Global Footprint Initiative) and with Turkey joining its distribution network, it sees an opportunity to establish a centralized operation. With this unified confederacy of franchises that fully extend to Africa, Asia and Europe, OrganoGold aims to maximize output satisfaction. In fact, it intends to improve customer support and channel distribution across platforms.

OrganoGold’s CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and founder Bernardo Chua remains optimistic about this lucrative expansion. In a promising marketplace as nutraceutical as Turkey, OrganoGold has a future. With an increasingly urgent interest to support coffee hunger and active lifestyle, consumer demands project impressively larger numbers. With a premium, tasteful, eco-conscious appeal, OrganoGold fits in every category. A sampling of products to the Turkish nation includes the Espresso TRE, Gourmet Black Coffee, King of Coffee, Express Due, Gourmet Mocha, Expresso UNO, Gourmet Latte and Gourmet Hot Chocolate.

Organo Gold, headquartered in Vancouver, BC (British Columbia) launched its first premium coffee line in 2008. It’s since introduced an attractive array of tasteful gourmet flavours and keeps innovating. It’s a certified distributor whose authentic gourmet blends of organic Ganoderma Lucidium nutraceuticals, coffees, personal care items and teas have health-promoting benefits. Organo Gold operates as a privately held franchise with a presence in 35+ countries. It recently launched an outlet in Turkey where it intends to intercept a larger audience. Currently, it promotes its array of superior gourmet products through independent distributors in Canada and the U.S. It mainly distributes through its very own Coffee Connoisseur outlets.

Bernardo Chua, the mastermind and principal of OrganoGold foresees lucrative returns in extending his premium products to Turkish consumers. With Paul Jarvis committed to the Africa, Europe and CIS OrganoGold chapters, Chua appointed him to oversee operations in Turkey as well. The herb Ganoderma which is a key ingredient in OrganoGold products hails from Ancient Chinese culture. It has medicinal properties known to extend life, boost health and energy levels. Shi-Jean, a celebrated Mind Dynasty practitioner firmly argued the foundation of these findings. Chua saw value in creating a product that not only supported a coffee hunger but greatly improved health. His network marketing franchises have become a global phenomenon. He’s earned accolades, including an NHF (Napoleon Hill Foundation) gold medal for his continued support and unfathomable MLM (multi-level marketing) success.