George Soros Donation to Hilary Is an Encouraging Sign Heading to The Elections

After donating $6 million on December 2015 to the leading Super PAC organization that is currently supporting Hilary Clintons bid to be president. It was a move that marked the return of the George Soros as a billionaire financier amongst the big donors in the American politics. This recent massive check brings the total amount of money donated by Soros to $8 million in 2015. Apart from the $6 million received by super PAC from Soros, another pro-Clinton group raised a total of $25 million just in the second half of 2015 based on the reports filed with the Federal Election Commission. Therefore, the total amount contributed amount to $41 million for the year 2015 and PAC is still left with about $36 million to start with in 2016 from George Soros is the chairman and founder of Open Society Foundation, which is a network of foundations, projects, and partners operating in more than 100 companies. His commitment to the open society idea coincides with his desire to shape good governance, promoting a government that is accountable and encouraging participation where every stakeholder is involved. This is the reason this NPO is viewed to be unique from the other private philanthropic efforts in history. His journey began in 1979 when he first gave scholarships to black South Africans oppressed by apartheid. He is a person who believes in a free market and showed that in 1980 when helped to undermine the communism in the Eastern bloc through providing Xerox machines to copy banned texts.
His philanthropic initiatives have spread across Africa, Asia, and the United States achieving its dreams through well-laid plans. In some places, the foundation is forced to support paralegals and lawyers to represent groups and people who are unlawfully being held by the government for a long period without any legal representation. George Soros intervened on the natural resource extraction using the largest concerted effort to bring transparency and accountability. Apart from supporting the Open Society Foundation, he has supported other independent organizations such as the European Council on Foreign Relations, Global Witness, the International Crisis Group and the Institute for New Economic Thinking .
Before George Soros engaged himself in philanthropic initiatives, he was already successful in the financial markets which are the reason that gave him the greater degree of independence than most other donors. The success made him donate in controversial issues such as politics, free markets, and issues related to regulation. On the politics side, Soros is one of the Liberals who is entirely devoted to political ideologies that can help the communities improve. However, his recent contribution is also being seen as a way to bounce back after spending $20 million in 2004 to prevent George W. Bush from becoming president.