Bellamy and its mastermind, Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is the Chairman and CEO of Trucept, as well as Dalrada Financial Corp. At Dalrada, Brian focuses on giving his clients business process outsourcing, benefit, insurance and financial services. For his work at Trucept, Brian works with Human Resource administration, payroll, and employee benefits. Brian received his undergraduate degree from the University of Strathclyde.

He continued his education at Staffordshire University where he earned an MBA and a doctorate degree. His previous positions have included at leadership position at Smart-tek Automated Services, Allegiant Professional Business Services, and The Amanda Co.

He also worked for IBM. While at IBM, he was in charge of motherboard outsourcing. Bonar was awarded by Cambridge’s Who’s Who with the “Executive of the Year” award in Finance. He is also a member of the American Finance Association.

Brian Bonar is also an entrepreneur who has built quite a collection of restaurants in North County, near San Diego. He started with a bistro, Bellamy’s, and brought in staff from his favorite local restaurants to help create the restaurant and make is a success.

He has moved on to the one hundred and forty four acre Ranch at Bandy Canyon, where he plans to create a four star restaurant with event space. Bonar was able to hire Patrick Ponsaty, a Master Chef of France, to be head chef at his restaurants. Ponsaty is one of only two chefs in the San Diego area to have earned the prestigious Master Chef of France title.

Bellamy’s has been rated by many critics as some of the best food in San Diego. To top it off, the restaurant boasts some of the best staff in the city. Ponsaty is helping Bonar to design and create a dream kitchen at The Ranch at Bandy Canyon, which is sure to become on of the most popular places for events and to eat in the San Diego region.