Netpicks Has the Strategy to Get You Through a Choppy Summer Markey

The technology sector selloff from earlier in the month has changed the market drastically. Once supremely, possibly overconfident, investors are now reticent and nervous. This change will lead to an unpredictable market in the dog days of summer. Fortunately there is a simple strategy that will enable you to take advantage of this unique situation.

The lock and walk strategy is a method that has earned profits in past ‘choppy’ markets. This proactive strategy is designed to profit in choppy markets. The strategy respects support and resistance levels in the Nasdaq 100.

In a nutshell the strategy instructs; buy near support, sell near resistance, if support breaks stop-out. What enables this strategy to do well in choppy markets is that it is designed to shut down and wait for the next market session when you reach 67 basis points in gains.

This simple, easy-to-digest strategy is the exact kind of strategy that Netpicks Trading Strategies has become known for. Over its 21 year history NetPicks has specialized in developing strategies that work for full-time, and part-time traders alike. Netpicks allows you to choose your objective and allow their system to complete the work. Check this link for added reading.  They don’t bog you down or intimidate you with overcomplicated, academic concepts.

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The market is unpredictable and everyone needs help to navigate its rough waters. Netpicks has been around since the dawn of online trading. They have discovered how to make the market work for you in any environment. Of course, past success is no indicator of future performance, but Netpicks has a history of helping all kinds of traders to understand the market.  Useful info on

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