Coriant Appoints Shaygan Kheradpir To Propel Them Into The Future


The right match is important in a large variety of ways. In business the right match between talent and business needs can spell success and higher profits. The issue that has always existed for human resources is to find the right person, with the right experience and education that can propel their company to realize greater levels of success.

Coriant has seemed to have found that right match in Shaygan Kheradpir. Mr. Kheradpir has a Bachelor’s, a Masters, and a Doctorate degree in engineering. He also has more than 28 years in in field experience in the areas of finance, technology and telecom industries. He also serves on advisory boards for his alma mater, Cornell University. A greatly respected individual who is results driven, Kheradpir offers great initiative and the drive needed to succeed at Coriant.

Mr Kheradpir and Coriant have been associated in the past. He has worked as an associate for another company that was directly working with Coriant. The fact that he is now being appointed by Coriant as their Chief Executive Officer is no surprise. Coriant has truly made a decision to forge into the next couple of years as a success story as an industry leader.

Coriant deals with network solutions for more than 100 different countries. The intricate work that Coriant does demands individuals with technical knowledge as well as an ability to translate that knowledge into workable solutions that will enhance profits and efficiency. Shaygan Kheradpir has these abilities and is excited to be working at the helm of company where his abilities can truly make a difference.

The future looks bright for all involved with this new leadership at Coriant. Consumers can look forward to innovations that will drive their bottom lines and help to make their businesses more effective and efficient. Coriant is seeing the move to appoint Kheradpir as CEO as strategically smart for he has the proven track record of developing and integrating the latest technological strategies successfully.

Human resources have difficult agendas to reach. They need to find thepeople that can help their companies to gain the advantage in the markets that they serve. When thematch is right there is no limit to the goals that can be attained. The choice of Coriant to appoint Shaygan Kheradpir as their Chief Executive Officer is a step that conveys they value success, innovation and meeting and exceeding the needs of their worldwide clientele.

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Online Reputation Management Is Crucial In a Digital World

Now that nearly half of all the planet’s population uses the Internet, businesses need to understand that shaping the perception that consumers have of them is more important than ever. A company’s online reputation will determine how many people buy their products as much or even more than their rankings on search engines. There are numerous elements that go into shaping how consumers view a company on the Internet.

Social forums and review websites are used by consumers to share their opinions of a brand. These opinions can have a large impact on whether a brand is successful or not. Price and product comparison websites are also another tool that is increasingly being used by consumers to find out which products are the best for their needs and budgets. Now that consumers have so many sources of third-party information about a brand, it becomes crucial that companies pay attention to online reputation management.

Simply put, online reputation management consists of using various strategies to ensure that the public will have a positive perception of an organization or individual. Now that so many companies are realizing the value of keeping a close eye on their online reputation, an entire industry has sprung up around it.

Status Labs is a firm that devotes itself to helping individuals and organizations maintain their online presence in the digital age. They use various expert techniques to help their clients look the very best when people look for them online. This can mean using the latest in SEO techniques to push up positive and accurate information about a company on Google while pushing down negative and inaccurate pages.

Another important service that status labs provides as part of its selection of online reputation management tools is social media management. They’re able to monitor a brand’s social media pages around the clock to ensure that they stay a useful way for a company to present a positive image to the world. Check out Status Labs on Instagram to see what the team is up to!