Troy McQuagge Has Unsurpassed Leadership Skills

Troy McQuagge is an international businessman with unmatched passion and commitment to his job. He has been in the business for over 33 years and is well respected in the industry. Troy graduated from the University of Central Florida majoring in Legal Studies Bachelor of Arts in 1982. During his career he has collaborated with Health Market, Hope Kids Phoenix, Trinity Habitat for Humanity, Semper Fi fund and Phoenix of New Orleans. He is savvy in strategic planning, business management and administration, product design and executive leadership.

His career began working with Allstate Insurance in 1995. Two short years later, he became the President of UICI Insurance Agency. In 2010, he was asked to restructure company operations for US Health Group Inc. He currently is the CEO and President of the company. US Health Group provides health coverage to those who are self employed and to owners of start up businesses. Since his employment, US Health Group has become a worldwide leader in the industry. Read more on about Troy McQuagge

Troy was given the title of CEO of the year at the One Planet Awards. His competition were others from the private domains, nonprofit and public sectors. The award acknowledges those who have shown outstanding accomplishments in leadership, innovation and corporate social responsibilities. He was also named the most innovative CEO in the insurance industry at the CEO World Awards. This award honors leaders from Latin America, Europe, North America and Middle East Africa.

Share prices of US Health Group have increased by 1093%. The are considered one of the best performing insurance companies in America, Europe and Texas. Troy McQuagge has used his skills and qualifications to make US Health Group Inc. one of the most successful insurance companies in the world. He is a generous man willing to volunteer and educate others on how to be just as successful. His strong focus on customer service is what helps set him apart. This is why US Health Group continues to receive rave customer reviews and has such a loyal base of clients. This has also helped set him apart from his peers during all stages of his career. Troy has worked with charitable organizations like Crisis Nursery Phoenix.

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Sawyer Howitt advise to new entrepreneurs


Sawyer Howitt is the project manager of the Meriwether Group. As a young entrepreneur, his achievements are already making people turn their heads. As a young entrepreneur, his impact in charity work has also been impressive.

Sawyer Howitt has impressed the world by his ability to coordinate business activities in the Meriwether Group. He has portrayed incredible skills in taking care of the financial aspect of a business. Sawyer has identified a few very important areas of a business that needs to take care of adequately. One, identify the favorite brands that customers like interacting with. Secondly, is stressing the importance of customer service. The customer is the king and any business without a proper customer service is likely to face challenges selling its brands. Finally, every business should be looking to tap into the recent technological advancements that are taking place.

Apart from the business work, he takes time to engage in initiatives meant to give back to the society. He has made several generous donations towards charity work. He also runs mentoring programs for the youth, women rights groups and international ethnic studies groups.


Sawyer Howitt was appointed the Meriwether Group Project Manager in 2017. The group has its headquarters in Oregon. To help the group stay in touch with the latest technological advancements that are hitting the market, they have an office in Francisco. Meriwether Group deals with providing services such as brand building, sourcing, and international expansion among other services to help new firms that are joining the commerce industry.


As the project manager, he is expected to make sure that everything in the firm is working right. Some of his roles include creating executive level spreadsheets and presenting to their clients. Sawyer Howitt is very good at understanding the needs of his clients and this makes him an asset for the group.


Sawyer is generous with his knowledge and regularly shares his knowledge with those who would like to be successful entrepreneurs Sawyer advises new entrepreneurs to take advantage of the opportunities that are available currently. He says that it is easy to get the attention of investors and access to business loans now than ever before.