Rona Borre Built Her Company on a Solid Foundation


When Rona Borre started her new staffing company in 2001, she named it Instant Alliance. She had quit her high paying job with another major staffing company to start this one in a spare bedroom in her Chicago condominium.


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Today, Instant Alliance is one of the fastest-growing woman-owned business in the United States and bills millions to clients for service rendered. Borre’s company is unique in that is got started with nothing but an idea and hard work, see for more.


The staffing industry is very competitive, and it is usually very difficult for a new company to make a mark in the industry at all. But Rona Borre was a leading sales person for her former company, and she brought along some of the special skills she had learned, please click here.


One skill, in particular, is one that many staffing companies just don’t bother with. They concentrate on sifting through hundreds of resumes until they find ones that they think might work for the hiring client’s needs.


Borre takes a different approach by spending the time to get to know the executives of the hiring firm to learn exactly what they are looking for in a new employee in detail. Information that can only come from their mouth is very valuable because it is not found on a form but only verbally. Knowing all about the culture of the business that the new person will have to work in is important too.


These factors have been instrumental in the success of Instant Alliance and Borre’s plans for the growth of the company.


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