Smart Process Supply Chain at Edisoft Company

Measuring on-time performance has long been an important key performance indicator. With this indicator, carrier score cards were regularly reviewed to find out the performance in the transport department. For the record, the method was mostly used in both ocean and air carriers while performance in Rail was directly determined by departure schedules. With rapid changes in technology, more information is now easily available to shippers. This trend has made real-time performance tracking possible.


Through internet of things, mobile solutions, and GPS data can now be stored and retrieved with convenience ( On-time performance is a primary indicator of efficiency and reliability of a particular carrier. Moreover, carrier supply chain performance is equally demonstrated by specific functional and partnership metrics. For instance, international shipment has a cycle time of 21 days and six days in variation compared to a local shipment that takes four days with one-day variation. To accurately evaluate key performance indicators, evaluation of data quality is inevitable.


Edisoft is among the renowned companies that offer specialized services in configurable smart process supply chain. The company is resourceful to distributors and manufacturers who seek to improve their supply chain performance. Edisoft leverage data strategically to offer its customers a range of services. These include Warehouse fulfillment, automated Vendor Compliance, and integrated carrier management systems.


Edisoft is a software company that mainly serves international partners and clients. The company was first established in 1995, with its main headquarters in Canada, ON, and Toronto. Additionally, Edisoft owns satellite offices in the United States of America, Miami, and FL. Its main categories of service include software, supply chain, SaaS and manufacturing.


At Edisoft, supply chain performance is directly driven by Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system integrated into warehousing. As a result, this offers the necessary automation solutions to its clients. This system has considerably helped to increase staff productivity, business process compliances, and big data accuracy.


In summary, Edisoft offers integrated shipping solutions (YouTube). All the relevant data are sequentially captured at every stage in the shipping process. EDI platform at Edisoft also enables easy sending and reception of files through FTP connections and Direct AS2 among others.