Slyce’s Innovative Visual Search Tool

One of the key factors in the success of the company Slyce has been the latest trend in technology for shoppers – the visual search tool. This tool on is a well-designed set of software and strategies for people purchasing things on the internet through desktop and mobile devices. The tool allows customers to browse through various catalogs and match with the item they are looking for in a second. And without doubts, retailers have been able to attract a strong base of clients through this technology.

A typical visual search tool is more than just finding the product at a retail store. It combines the state-of-art features with customer input through images rather than texts and phrases. Here customers are able to find the exact item by conveying the query through photos or pictures taken with their cameras. The source can be anything ranging from downloads to billboards and magazines. Slyce provides this tool with many features compatible across many platforms as well. In short, this tool is the one to go for is you want to increase your chance of finding something online or offline. Best of all, customers are not bound by any rules regarding the quality of image or other factors. The store that carry the product will be matched with the item in question, its availability information sent back to the customer.

Slyce company’s visual search tool is reliable and user-friendly as well. It is well-designed for any search task. In addition, the request or query sent by the customer will reach hundred other stores in the database. The bottom line is, a customer should be able to find exactly what he or she is looking for through this tool. You can do it with search engines, but using visual search is your best bet.

Visual search is a substitute for the conventional browser search tool on many store websites. Slyce offers many features embedded within this tool. They are also present in an order that allows customers to use it easily without hassles. Besides, this tool lets you search for the best deal among stores thus saving time and money as well. Visual search is designed with strategies that help retail stores break out the cycle of finding the product through customer support. In essence, this is one such thing that is built drawing on the expertise of Slyce tech professionals in visual search field.