Brad Reifler is Removing Investment Obstacles for More People

Brad Reifler has been successfully involved in financial services and investments for more than two decades and his resume reflects as much. He first began Reifler Trading Company back in the early 80s. His company was responsible for managing hundreds of millions of dollars in accounts. He eventually sold that company in 2000. By that time he had also founded Pali Capital in 1995 and was earning a reputation as a trustworthy financial services professional. He was the CEO of Pali for thirteen years and during that time the company grew exponentially doing over $1 billion in commission income and occupying offices in four different continents.

Brad Reifler is now the CEO of Forefront Capital, LLC which he began in 2009. He has assembled a great team of advisers and investors to this firm including members of Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies. Currently, Reifler is focused on a newer project which he started in 2014 called Forefront Income Trust.

In an effort to help some of his family members invest their life savings, Reifler realized that those who don’t belong in the top 1% when it comes to income and assets are really unable to take advantage of many excellent investment opportunities. This is because many of those investments only cater to accredited investors who are required to earn 200,000 per year or have $1 million in net worth.

Forefront seeks to help the rest of the population, the other 99% of people, who deserve to benefit from these higher yielding investments. With Forefront Income Trust, one only needs an investment of $2500 to begin. Reifler is able to do this by making some sacrifices. The company does not charge a management fee and makes no money until the client has made 8% first. Expertise and concern for his clients has made Brad Reifler one of the top professionals in his field, and the articles Reuters have written about them, like his 5 Tips for Investment piece remain industry standards for those new to the game.