Orange County College: The Pirates Of Glory Clinch Their 12th National Title

Four year universities should by now be ready to be slayed by the ‘Killer Giants’, a success hungry team from Orange County College (OCC) California. Since the birth of the institution’s rowing team six decades ago, they have managed to clinch an impressive collection of medals over the years. Learn more about Orange Coast College:

In the Orange Coast College boathouse, several expensive boats lie peacefully in a room displayed with photos of previous teams dating back to time. Ten of the team’s members once went on to participate in the world championships as well as the Olympics.

Team members regularly earn scholarships to elite universities as a result of the skills earned at OCC, nicknamed Pirates. Devoting twenty hours a week to training, very high expectations are required of the team. The coaches are proud of the exceptional team performance, and they are pretty sure that with the talent present in their side the boys are well set to triumph over other teams and successfully get the National Inter-College Championship win for the record 12th time.

The Orange Coast College is a community-based college located in Orange County, California, USA. Located in Costa Mesa, the college is the third largest in Orange County with an approximate average of 25,000 students enrolled each semester.

OCC has been in operation for almost seventy years since its opening in late 1947, and the first classes were held in the autumn of 1948. OCC has grown to be one of the most established colleges, offering an incredible 135 career and academic programs and incorporating state of the art technology to the learning environment.

Additionally OCC ranks first in Orange County when it comes to the number of students that get transferred to the University of California as well as other top universities across California and the rest of the states. OCC has successfully managed to incorporate state of the art technology in traditional learning. Being a member of the Coast Community College District, Orange Coast College has the privilege of holding classes throughout the year regardless of the season.

Orange Coast College is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. The talent powerhouse is able to transform students from ordinary people to internationally recognized sportsmen or career persons. Mind you many sports scholarships are awarded to students who had never played a certain sport before choosing it at OSS.