Stream Energy – Power and Natural Gas Firm Empowers

Often times, it’s the large conglomerates that are the only ones allowed to participate in the energy market. Stream Energy is an exception to the rule: they allow nearly anyone to participate in the energy business in a profitable way.

Providing Opportunity to Women Entrepreneurs

One area in which Stream Energy has outshined other companies is in empowering women entrepreneurs. The company did so by hosting a retreat which is aimed at women entrepreneurs, inspiring women to build their personal businesses. The organization picks a different theme to motivate and empower their women business partners.

Great Speakers Featured at Retreat

Stream Energy has also featured a few well-known speakers at their retreat. These include Karen Leland and Melissa Mark Garner. The aim is to inspire audiences with great knowledge. Personal branding and other important topics to women entrepreneurs were also featured at the retreat, which featured a “shine” theme. Read more at about Stream Energy.

Originally Created as Marketing Company

Stream Energy was founded in 2005, and was created as a marketing company which empowers individual agents. Originally, the company focused on natural gas and electricity, but the product reach has expanded to telecommunications and protective home services as well.

How Associates Earn Commissions

What is most unique about Stream Energy is that their associates are able to earn commissions. To earn a commission, a rep can either recruit an additional representative or sell the company’s products. Stream Energy is also being run by the former CEO of CompUSA and has recently signed a lease for 55,226 square feet of space.


Uses Direct Selling Business Model for Growth of Business

Through their use of direct selling, Stream Energy is one of the largest direct selling companies in the energy industry. This represents a very strong, vibrant, and healthy company with a great future. Follow Stream Energy on Linkedin.