Betsy DeVos May Not Always Agree With The President, But She Sticks By His Side

Betsy DeVos is the Secretary of Education for our country. She has worked hard to build up to where she could claim this position. Now that she has it, she is doing all that she can to cement her power and move forward her agenda. However, she does so in a way that is not always completely in lockstep with the White House.


President Trump issued a policy that rescinded rules laid out by the Obama Administration that allowed transgender students to use the bathroom of their choosing. This rule was meant to help include transgender students in a more holistic way. However, the new President felt that it would be to his political advantage to take away these new rules. When he did so, Betsy DeVos was nowhere to be seen. She remained largely silent on the issue, but word leaked that she was not in complete agreement on this policy decision. That being said, Betsy DeVos stuck with the President and weathered the political storm that followed for this decision.


It seems that the Secretary of Education has made the choice that riding out the storms that the President sometimes causes is a better choice to make than trying to figure out how to go an alternative route. She seems to know that she has made the choice to hold on to the power that she has by not crossing the President too frequently.


While Betsy DeVos may be getting a lot done these days, she continues to work in her quiet and deliberate way. She doesn’t want to draw controversy and too much attention from the media. Instead, she would like to operate under the radar as much as possible and continue to build up the kind of America that she envisions for the entire country.


Although DeVos will fight hard for the kind of things that she believes in, anyone who has known her on a personal level would be the first to tell you that she is polite to people that she speaks to in person. It is something that makes her so effective at what she does. After all, it is hard to dislike someone who remains so polite to your face. You can disagree with her polices, but you are going to have trouble disagreeing with her as an individual. When you factor that in, DeVos becomes someone who is a cunning character and can get a lot done.


As time marches on, we are waiting to see exactly what will happen with DeVos in the office that she is in right now. It is entirely possible that she will make a lot of changes to our education system that will be felt for decades. Even so, it may all be done under the radar.


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Gregory Aziz And His Train Of Thought Build Up An Amazing Company

Gregory James Aziz, the president and CEO of National Steel Car located in Hamilton, Ontario, has led a very interesting life. His life has been full of diverse experiences that led him to the position that he is in today. Greg Aziz was born on April 30th, 1949 in London, Ontario. After he obtained his economics degree from the University of Western Ontario, he went into his family’s business. As he was working at his family’s company, a wholesale food company known as Affiliated Foods, he helped it grow to be able to import foods from all over the world meant to be distributed throughout North America.


After working with his family’s company, Gregory Aziz moved to New York City where he began working in investment banking, making many big moves over the course of a few years. One of his biggest moves, which has led him to his present position today, was organizing the acquisition of National Steel Car from Dofasco. Under his direction, National Steel Car grew from a company that employed only 600 people to just under 3,000. Gregory J Aziz capitalized on team building, improving the company’s engineering staff, and considerable capital investment to build his company into one of the preeminent rail-car building companies in North America.

The company had been in business for over 80 years before Greg Aziz showed up and within 20 years he has built it up at a considerably rapid rate. Not only has the company grown rapidly, it has also improved the quality of its rail-car engineering to the point where it is the only railroad car building company in North America with ISO certification for over 18 years. Click Here for more information.

Not only does National Steel Car focus on growing in size and improving its technology, but it also makes sure to focus on assisting its community through various charitable events. Currently, National Steel Car gives to the United Way, the Salvation Army, and many others while also organizing food drives for food banks throughout the local community of Hamilton.

With Gregory J Aziz at the helm, National Steel Car will continue to innovate and inspire those who work at the company, as well as those who live in the local community to pursue excellence and seek growth as individuals and as a collective.


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The Leadership of Gregory Aziz at National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz is the CEO, President and Chairman of the Board at National Steel Car. Being one of North America’s largest rail manufacturers, National Steel Car has grown into one of the top railroad freight car engineering and manufacturing companies in the world. It is the only North American railcar manufacturing company certified ISO 9001:2008. The company designs and assembles freight cars whose standards and needs supersede their customers’ and the industry’s expectations.


National Steel Car utilizes its strengths in an efficient way that is incomparable in the industry. The railcar corporation which was instituted in 1912 demonstrates excellence in manufacturing, commitment to quality and engineering. It is known for its quality freight car parts and components. For over a decade, the company earned many TTX SECO awards consistently over the years. National Steel Car headquarters are in Hamilton.


Born in London on April 30, 1949, Gregory Aziz has demonstrated over 20 years of excellent leadership. He began working in 1971 when he joined his family business called Affiliated Foods. The family-owned business is a major distributor of fresh food to wholesale markets in Eastern Canada and the US. Affiliated Foods sources raw foods from Central & South America as well as Europe. Later on, Gregory joined the investment banking industry and worked in numerous companies in the 1980s. Find More Info Here.


James Aziz joined National Steel car in 1994 as its CEO and has led the company to great success for over 20 years. The purchase of National Steel Car in 1994 was welcomed by Gregory’s desire to restore the glory of the once great Canadian company. Under the leadership of Greg Aziz, the company has evolved into a highly dynamic, innovative, values-driven and diverse company. Through teamwork, high human and capital investment, and excellent engineering capabilities, National Steel Car has expanded its employment and manufacturing capabilities. By 1999, the company’s staff members were 3000, a rise from its previous 600 employees. The company had also grown its manufacturing capabilities from 3,500 cars to 12000 cars per year. National Steel Car has continued to expand its human capital which is its cornerstone of success. Since 2014, it has hired over 900 additional employees.


Greg James Aziz who holds a degree in Economics from Western University is also an active philanthropist. He sponsors the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Canada. Greg has also led National Steel Car into sponsoring local charities such as the Salvation Army, the Hamilton Opera, the United Way and Theatre Aquarius.


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Betsy DeVos Has The Ideas For School Reform

Most people know about Betsy DeVos since she has been in the news lately as she is Donald Trump’s successful appointee to the office of the Secretary of Education. Betsy is the wife of former CEO and President of the Amway Corporation, Dick DeVos, and both Betsy and Dick have been involved in various political causes for most of their lives.Betsy has been active in politics since college and for the past 30 years she has been involved with various party organizations, political action committees, as well as being the chairman of the Michigan Republican Party for six years. Dick ran for Governor in Michigan and is active himself in state and national politics.Betsy believes that much can be done by way of nonprofit organizations. She is chairman of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. She also very active as head of a number of other charitable organizations, but is more well-known because of her activities in school reform and school choice.

The school systems in the United States today are in the position of dealing with the “haves” and the “have-nots.” In districts that are solidly supported with funding from property taxes, things “look” good with shiny new buildings and facilities, plenty of teachers and lots of good looking students. However, in school districts where the infrastructure has pulled out, things aren’t going so well.Mostly the inner cities and rural areas are affected by the lack of funding and the inability to offer big salaries to teachers, to here students are trapped just because they live in the wrong zip codes. Betsy, however is optimistic that things are beginning to head in the right direction.

She cites the statistics that show that there are currently about 250,000 students that are involved with 33 different publicly funded programs that offer school choice in 17 different states including the schools in the District of Columbia. And the growth of this movement is happening fast as parents and community leaders see that these programs work because students are receiving good educations. Parents are enthusiastic because they see results with their children learning in better environments.And now that Betsy is Secretary of Education of the United States, we should expect to see even more acceleration in the movement. Betsy and her husband saw the disparity in education that many students faced when their own children started school. Even though the DeVos’s had the funding to send their children to any school they chose to attend, they say many families who could not afford that luxury. So they got involved with helping to create funding through scholarships and vouchers.Education is an asset that we cannot afford to squander and according to Betsy DeVos, she intends to do her best to promote the best ideas and techniques to offer a good education to all students, no matter where they live.

The Role of George Soros in World Politics

An article on the Open Society Website revealed that George Soros had made donations of over $12 billion since the year 1979. Having being born in Hungary 85 years ago, George Soros fled the Eastern Europe Country in the year 1947 to escape Nazi persecution. George Soros has a Jewish descent. Soon after moving to London in the year 1947, Soros would work as a conductor on the trains. He then changed jobs and became a waiter. Later on, he joined the London School of Economics and decided to try out finance. In his entire life, George Soros has been committed to helping other people survive. He is not a self-centered person and cares about fellow human beings. For this reason, he is actively involved in causes to alleviate people from oppression across in the globe. In the United States alone, George Soros supports immigration reforms, criminal justice reform, and religious tolerance reforms. Read this story about George at

On a global scale, George Soros through the Open Society has fought for many causes. These causes include freedom of expression, accountable governments and standing against inequality and injustice of any form. George Soros also preaches transparency and stands against the oppression of the weak people in the society. This means that he funds movements to crash oppression of LGBTI people, sex works as well as drug users. He is motivated by seeing firsthand what oppression of the minor can result to during the killing of 500,000 Jews when growing up as a child in Hungary. He managed to survive this persecution by using fake identities provided to him by his father. Not only did his father produce fake documents for them but he also provided the documents for other Jews.

After finishing his studies in London, George Soros decided to move to the land of the free and opportunities in the year 1956. He took a job opportunity in Wall Street and was joined by his parents in the same year who were fleeing cold way in Europe. Having worked on the Wall Street for 14 years, George Soros opened one of the most successful hedge funds in the US called Soros Fund Management. This has been his main source of revenue since then.

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Other than business, George Soros is very active when it comes to world politics. He is a member of the Democratic Party and makes donations towards the development of the party. His latest donation to this party is a $25 million donation to help the election of Hilary Clinton. According to the Politico, Clinton and George Soros have known each other for over 30 years. Soros often speaks for Ukraine and requests the European Union to implement strict measures to Russia for invading Kremlin. He also negotiates on behalf of Ukraine to the International Monetary Fund. Read his profile at Washington Times.

The Understanding of George Soros

As the world festers into a war zone, George Soros remains a prominent figure. For those unaware, George Soros remains someone who has dedicated their life to hard work and providing a better future for all. Moreover, he remains one of the most successful investors of all time. As a result, he has garnered numerous awards and accolades. Moreover, he remains one of the most generous philanthropists to walk the face of the Earth. To begin, George Soros hails from Budapest, Hungary. However, he grew up during a time when Nazi Germany occupied his native land. During this time, Jews were facing genocide. Fortunately, George Soros and his family managed to escape. Upon leaving Hungary, George Soros moved to London. While there, he went to school. To expound further, he attended the London School of Economics. While there, he received a bachelor’s degree.

Aside from obtaining a bachelor’s degree, George Soros received a master’s degree in philosophy. In 1969, he opened his first hedge fund called the Double Eagle. By 1970, George Soros opened his second hedge fund called Soros Fund Management. Moreover, his initial fund became known as the Quantum Fund. This remains remarkable due to the level of success that his first hedge fund attained. To expound further, the Quantum Fund went from $12 million dollars to a whopping $25 billion dollars. Therefore, George Soros remains an investment guru. With that being said, he remains renowned throughout Europe for his $1 billion profit that he made during the Black Wednesday UK currency crisis in 1992. Upon his arrival to the United States, George Soros remained equally important. Between 1979 and 2011 alone, George Soros contributed over $11 billion dollars to charitable causes. Moreover, he spent a significant amount of his time diffusing political unrest in numerous countries.  Read his profile at Business Insider.

In particular, he played an integral role in Eastern Europe peacefully transitioning from communist state to a capitalist state. In addition, he remains renowned for his contributions to education in his hometown. Currently, George Soro’s wealth remains at $25.2 billion dollars. Since the 1970s, George Soros has frequently engaged in philanthropy. To begin, his philanthropic efforts began during the apartheid era of South Africa. During this time, Soros provided educational funds to black students to attend the University of Cape Town. In 1993, George Soros opened an organization called the Open Society Foundations. For those unaware, the foundation’s purpose includes support to civil society groups worldwide.

Moreover, the foundation sought to provide justice, education, health, and independent media to deficient regions of the world. In addition, the foundation has numerous branches. To remain exact, the foundation has branches and at least 37 countries. Moreover, it remains headquartered in New York City. Learn more about his profile at

The Many Achievements of Eric Pulier

This article is written about one fascinating individual who has done many great things for society. If you’re not into IT or the field of technology in-general then you may have never heard of the guy. Though he isn’t a household name, this extraordinary individual is the epitome of success thanks to his natural talents, intelligence, and gifts. Eric Pulier is his name and technology is his game. Eric Pulier is a well respected individual thanks to his brilliant way of thinking. He’s known by many as a businessman, guest speaker, philanthropist, technologist, as well as an entrepreneur. Having this many titles doesn’t come by chance, but more so by hard work, dedication, and perseverance.

Pulier epitomizes the word entrepreneur as he has founded around 15 companies. Many of these companies addressed certain issues within distinct business sectors and advanced technology played a critical role for such positive results. These companies include Service Mesh Inc, XPRIZE, Digital Evolution, FLY, U.S. Interactive, People Doing Things, and many more. Helping others seem to be his best trait and that is something that comes natural. Pulier has invested millions of dollars into tech start up companies throughout the years also and many of these companies have gone on to become a success in their own rights. He’s donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to charitable organization as well all while raising funds for capital venture deals. The guy literally has a full schedule.

Being so business savvy, this guy sold his last company for a whopping $350 Million. That’s right! Eric Pulier is legend when it comes this stuff and another great trait that he possesses is that he doesn’t do it for the fame. Honestly, you won’t find too many people that is as well rounded as him, but the technology industry owes him a lot of gratitude in the end.

Dick and Betsy DeVos Charity Helps Fund John F. Kennedy Center of Performing Arts

Located on the banks of the Potomac River near the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C., the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts has been giving the public the best artistic and exciting plays, ballets, musicals and orchestral scores in our time. The Kennedy Center has greatly expanded since its opening in 1971 and is still expanding to this day thanks to charitable donations. In 2013, the Kennedy Center has started a fundraiser to expand the center and to open new programs for the arts. The fundraiser has sky rocketed past its goal for the expansion project but instead of ending the campaign, they are adding another $50 million to the project thanks in large part to generous individuals and charitable foundations. See the full article here for details

Dick DeVos, one of the Kennedy Center’s donators, has donated to the Kennedy Center $22.5 million in an effort to train arts and cultural leaders across the country.

DeVos was born October 21, 1955 and is a businessman-entrepreneur from Michigan. From 1993 to 2002 he was the CEO of the consumer goods distribution and is listed as the 67th richest person in the United States by Forbes magazine. He has held many career positions, ranging from research and development, marketing, manufacturing, financing and sales. He started working for the Amway Corporation in 1974 and became one of Amway’s vice presidents in 1984. While under his leadership, he opened new markets to the company and has tripled international sales compared to domestic sales for the first time in the companies history. He also became the President and CEO of the National Basketball Association’s Orlando Magic in 1991.

Dick, along with his wife, Betsy DeVos. has been very involved in donating to the center’s fundraiser. Betsy DeVos has also been a member for the Kennedy Center for 6 years and was impressed when the president of the Kennedy Center, Michael Kaiser, said “how we invest millions of dollars in the arts, and training artists, but how we invest very little in training the leaders who hire the artists and run the organizations. We want to help develop human capital and leverage that capital to the greatest extent possible.”

Because of Dick DeVos and his wife’s charitable donations to the Kennedy Center, Michael Kaiser will remain part of the center’s leadership and overlooking the center’s structure through 2017 and will be directing what will be named the DeVos Institute of Arts Management. 

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