Why Dallas Is The Best Place For Cosmetic Surgery Including Brazilian Butt Lifts

There are a number of trends and fads that come about but one that seems to be sticking, and rightfully so, is the overwhelming desire we are having to become a healthier people. As science and medicine advance we are seeing new areas of our lives that we can improve upon to give us a healthier experience.


One of the drawbacks to achieving a healthier body can be that after losing a hefty bit of excess weight we can be left with sagging skin. One of the areas that seems to be plagued the most with this excess skin is the buttocks.


After a strict diet and exercise plan, it is very common to have sagging skin in areas. Sometimes nothing we do can naturally remedy this, leaving one option left that generally tends to get a bad rap. Cosmetic surgery is one route that can remedy the excess and sagging skin. Butt lifts and Brazilian butt lifts can help you achieve the perfect backside that you’ve always wanted.


It is important to keep in mind that in order to keep the results of any cosmetic procedure, you must continue to eat healthy foods and exercise regularly. It can be very easy for the results of your procedure to reverse themselves over time if proper maintenance is not adhered to.


Another thing to keep in mind is to have realistic expectations for the outcome of your procedure. Consulting with your physician and cosmetic surgeon can ensure that you have a realistic view of what changes will be happening to your body. Butt lifts and Brazilian butt lifts, like many cosmetic procedures, can be part of a more comprehensive body contouring package.


Right now in America, some of the best in the business of cosmetic surgery are living and working in the Dallas, Texas, region and are giving their patients top quality results. Dr. Gregory J. Stagnone, MD, is one of the most respected and compassionate cosmetic surgeons in the Dallas area.


The Role of George Soros in World Politics

An article on the Open Society Website revealed that George Soros had made donations of over $12 billion since the year 1979. Having being born in Hungary 85 years ago, George Soros fled the Eastern Europe Country in the year 1947 to escape Nazi persecution. George Soros has a Jewish descent. Soon after moving to London in the year 1947, Soros would work as a conductor on the trains. He then changed jobs and became a waiter. Later on, he joined the London School of Economics and decided to try out finance. In his entire life, George Soros has been committed to helping other people survive. He is not a self-centered person and cares about fellow human beings. For this reason, he is actively involved in causes to alleviate people from oppression across in the globe. In the United States alone, George Soros supports immigration reforms, criminal justice reform, and religious tolerance reforms. Read this story about George at politico.com

On a global scale, George Soros through the Open Society has fought for many causes. These causes include freedom of expression, accountable governments and standing against inequality and injustice of any form. George Soros also preaches transparency and stands against the oppression of the weak people in the society. This means that he funds movements to crash oppression of LGBTI people, sex works as well as drug users. He is motivated by seeing firsthand what oppression of the minor can result to during the killing of 500,000 Jews when growing up as a child in Hungary. He managed to survive this persecution by using fake identities provided to him by his father. Not only did his father produce fake documents for them but he also provided the documents for other Jews.

After finishing his studies in London, George Soros decided to move to the land of the free and opportunities in the year 1956. He took a job opportunity in Wall Street and was joined by his parents in the same year who were fleeing cold way in Europe. Having worked on the Wall Street for 14 years, George Soros opened one of the most successful hedge funds in the US called Soros Fund Management. This has been his main source of revenue since then.

Know more: http://www.businessinsider.com/george-soros-billionaire-investor-profile-2017-1

Other than business, George Soros is very active when it comes to world politics. He is a member of the Democratic Party and makes donations towards the development of the party. His latest donation to this party is a $25 million donation to help the election of Hilary Clinton. According to the Politico, Clinton and George Soros have known each other for over 30 years. Soros often speaks for Ukraine and requests the European Union to implement strict measures to Russia for invading Kremlin. He also negotiates on behalf of Ukraine to the International Monetary Fund. Read his profile at Washington Times.

The Understanding of George Soros

As the world festers into a war zone, George Soros remains a prominent figure. For those unaware, George Soros remains someone who has dedicated their life to hard work and providing a better future for all. Moreover, he remains one of the most successful investors of all time. As a result, he has garnered numerous awards and accolades. Moreover, he remains one of the most generous philanthropists to walk the face of the Earth. To begin, George Soros hails from Budapest, Hungary. However, he grew up during a time when Nazi Germany occupied his native land. During this time, Jews were facing genocide. Fortunately, George Soros and his family managed to escape. Upon leaving Hungary, George Soros moved to London. While there, he went to school. To expound further, he attended the London School of Economics. While there, he received a bachelor’s degree.

Aside from obtaining a bachelor’s degree, George Soros received a master’s degree in philosophy. In 1969, he opened his first hedge fund called the Double Eagle. By 1970, George Soros opened his second hedge fund called Soros Fund Management. Moreover, his initial fund became known as the Quantum Fund. This remains remarkable due to the level of success that his first hedge fund attained. To expound further, the Quantum Fund went from $12 million dollars to a whopping $25 billion dollars. Therefore, George Soros remains an investment guru. With that being said, he remains renowned throughout Europe for his $1 billion profit that he made during the Black Wednesday UK currency crisis in 1992. Upon his arrival to the United States, George Soros remained equally important. Between 1979 and 2011 alone, George Soros contributed over $11 billion dollars to charitable causes. Moreover, he spent a significant amount of his time diffusing political unrest in numerous countries.  Read his profile at Business Insider.

In particular, he played an integral role in Eastern Europe peacefully transitioning from communist state to a capitalist state. In addition, he remains renowned for his contributions to education in his hometown. Currently, George Soro’s wealth remains at $25.2 billion dollars. Since the 1970s, George Soros has frequently engaged in philanthropy. To begin, his philanthropic efforts began during the apartheid era of South Africa. During this time, Soros provided educational funds to black students to attend the University of Cape Town. In 1993, George Soros opened an organization called the Open Society Foundations. For those unaware, the foundation’s purpose includes support to civil society groups worldwide.

Moreover, the foundation sought to provide justice, education, health, and independent media to deficient regions of the world. In addition, the foundation has numerous branches. To remain exact, the foundation has branches and at least 37 countries. Moreover, it remains headquartered in New York City. Learn more about his profile at washingtontimes.com.

Coriant, The Optical Networking Company

Coriant is an independent telecommunications company that was established in March of 2013. With its origin in the telecom industry, it is an optical networking vendor that was formed independently of its previous affiliations with Nokia Siemens Networks, which is owned by Marlin Equity Partners. The technology on which this company is based, derives from Siemens Optical Networks, Sycamore Networks and Tellabs. The products that this company deliver are Intelligent Network Management, Packet Optical Transport Solutions Integrated Optical Planning Solutions, MSPP (or Multiservice Provisioning Platform) Solutions, Cross Connect/TDM (Time Division Multiplexing) Solutions, Broadband Access and Optical LAN.

Shaygan Kheradpir was appointed the Chief Executive Officer and chairman of the board of Coriant, after briefly joining the private equity firm, Marlin Equity Partners, which is the creating force behind Coriant. Kheradpir was born in London, England, on December 19, 1960, and was raised and educated in Iran and Switzerland. He enrolled at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, where he is accredited with earning a BS, an MS, and a PhD in electrical engineering. He is a well known business and technology executive in Telecommunications.

With Kheradpir’s knowledge and experience in business and technology, he is an asset to Coriant. Coriant will advance under Kheradpir’s leadership due to his interest in the company’s experiences in packet optical and data networking solutions, its foremost technological innovation, their worldwide range, and their ever growing consumer base. As competition intensifies in the market for this kind of technology, a completely new level of innovation and efficiency in operations, network architectures and service creation is needed to enable current customers, and potential ones, with provided optimized networking solutions in automation, service capabilities and programmability. Kheradpir will be instrumental in powering Coriant’s growth strategy and intensified focus on solutions which are a priority to their customers in this highly competitive technological market. Kheradpir will excel at the conception, development and innovation of new solutions which will evolve into new product manifestation and introduction that will accommodate their current customers’ technological needs and maybe acquire more customers, and therefore, expanding their present consumer base.

Susan McGalla Strengthens the Female Workforce

I love the concept of marketing. That is why I decided to become a marketing major. There is nothing better than seeing those funny and heartwarming commercials come on television about the various products on pittsburgh.cbslocal.com that are available for consumers. This is one of the reasons I decided to become a marketing major. The other reason I decided to go into marking is because of Susan McGalla.

I started studying her when I was working at American Eagle Outfitters. It was during this time that I worked as a teenager in the store and decided to research the history of this organization. It was through this research that I discovered one of the best female executives in the world of advertising. This woman was Susan McGalla. She had risen in the ranks at American Eagle Outfitters and this was a very impressive feat to me. I saw her biography and noticed that she started in lower areas within the organization and excelled. Prior to researching Susan I had never heard of the position of a Chief Merchandising Officer, but I researched this as well. I noticed that she was already in a position of authority in concerns to marketing and branding by the time she made it into this role. The thing that I was impressed about the most is that she continued to strive and move even farther up into the organization. She would eventually land the role of CEO, and I thought that this was a very interesting role because there are not a lot of female executives in this position of power. I think that this is what has driven other women that aspire to work in the marketing business to become more educated on the pathway to branding and building customer loyalty.

Susan McGalla has certainly become someone that I look up to and I think that many of the women that are trying to build a name for themselves in the corporate world are also interested and her work history. What I discovered about her over the years is that she has a strong spirit, and she is definitely someone that can turn any company around. When I look at the timeline of where she made the biggest changes and increase revenues for American Eagle I realized that I was actually employed with the organization at this time. I was glad to be a part of the changes that she made when he came to increases in revenues and building up the company brand.

As a woman that is interested in earning a degree in marketing I admire what Susan McGalla did. I would even suggest other women that are aspiring to earn marketing degrees to also study Susan and all the changes that she made in the industry. She become the voice of reason in retail during her reign, and many retail marketing executives still follow the footprints of her decisions during her time as CEO. She is a masterful executive that knows marketing well.

Majeed Ekbal: Understanding Chicagoan Business And Marketing Leaders

Leadership is an essential aspect of running a business company. The type and quality of leadership in an organization affect business operation and employees morale. Effective business leaders understand their roles as leaders and the impact it has on an organization. This is the one of the first steps in becoming a successful business leader.

Chicagoan business and marketing leaders provide direction or guidance. These Business Leaders in Chicago have a vision, and that is to fill a need in the marketplace or take an existing product and refine it. Business leaders are visionaries and they never stop looking for profitable opportunities in the marketplace. They accomplish their goals by motivating employees and team members in their organization.

Effective leaders possess the ability to encourage others to be more productive and work toward achieving a common goal. They stay the course, and will not deviate from their vision because they are truly enthusiastic about reaching their goal. Good leaders reward others for their quality performance.

Chicagoan business and marketing leaders are hardworking, and they have a system in place to ensure that employees focus on the project at hand. They make sure that employees understand the importance of working as a team, with a common goal in mind. They also emphasize on the importance of honesty, integrity and professionalism.

Effective leaders, such as Business Leaders in Chicago, understand that they cannot do it alone and that they need the corporation of others in order to accomplish the organization’s goal. Leaders seek out staff members and employees who are creative and inspire them to focus on ensuring the success of the company. Business Leaders in Chicago also inspire their employees to increase productivity, and create an environment where every person is ready and willing to put in great effort in order to reach their goal.

Majeed Ekbal is one of the most prominent Chicago business and marketing executives. He has been working in the industry for many years and is highly regarded in the Chicago area. Majeed Ekbal believes in team effort and takes the time to educate employees on the importance of working toward a common goal. He takes steps to ensure that employees have the resources they need to work efficiently and effectively. Mr Majeed Ekbal is on Pinterest and has earned a high reputation for his dedication to effective leadership and quality customer service.