Why is Kyle Bass Such an Unethical Investor?

Kyle Bass is an American investment professional who is known for his prediction of the 2008 financial crisis that had impacts all around the world. Bass was born in Miami, Florida, in 1969. He attended Texas Christian University, and then went on to start his own hedge fund named Hayman Capital Management. Bass was able to profit from his prediction of the 2008 financial crisis by taking out insurance against people defaulting on their loans – formally known as credit debit swaps – and earned millions upon millions of dollars from it. This investment should have any one person set for life, and never have to work again.

Kyle Bass still works today, but he has made terrible career decisions since his correct prediction of the 2008 financial crisis. Arguably the worst decision he has made is when he stood up for General Motors, a company he has significant investments in. A few years ago, General Motors used faulty Firestone brand tires on all of their cars, and it turned out a certain batch of tires was faulty. General Motors had to order the largest vehicle recall in history, and refund everyone who bought the car. When Bass was asked why he still had investments in General Motors after the faulty tire ordeal, Bass blamed the consumers for being at fault for the faulty tires, rather than General Motors having responsibility for the faulty tires.

From 2010 to 2014, Bass incorrectly predicted Japan’s economy to crash, for five years straight. It turns out the Japan’s economy never did experience a recession, and still has not had a financial crisis to this very day.

Bass has also recently filed a lawsuit against a large pharmaceutical corporation named Acorda Therapeutics. Acorda’s number one selling product is a medicine used to help treat multiple sclerosis, and is called Ampyra. Ampyra is a relatively new drug, and has been under patent since its inception. This means that Acorda has exclusive production rights to the drug, and this means high prices for consumers. Kyle Bass claimed to have filed the lawsuit so consumers could get their medicine cheaper, but as UsefulStooges.com points out many people who were involved with the court case said the Kyle Bass wanted to file the lawsuit just so he could make some extra money (he probably needs it, since he’s been failing for the past seven years).

KHe did make a brilliant financial decision back in 2008, but hasn’t hit the lottery like he did seven years ago. Bass has made terrible career decisions, such as the ones included above. Keep in mind that Bass has made other bad career choices, but the list is virtually endless.

The Role of Eucatex in Environmental Conservation

The environment is a sensitive topic that affects our lives. Efforts have been put instituted to ensure the environment is maintained and conserved. Eucatex was formed in the year 1951 in Brazil, and it has been known to be the first company to manufacture home products (panels and ceilings tiles). It is important to note that these products are manufactured using eucalyptus as a raw material. The first plant was commonly known as Fiberboard Industrial Unit, was established in the year 1954 and was based in Salto (SP). Manufacturer of Soft boards was the first project they were engaged in before diversifying into the manufacture of panels and ceiling tiles. The company witnessed an expansion era between 1956 and 1965 when they established offices across many capitals in Brazil and Argentina.

Forestry Administration
Being major players in the market, Eucatex aims at ensuring that there are sustainable resources to enable them continue with the production of goods and services. The company needs enough resources for them to continue meeting the market demands. Therefore, Eucatex advocates for the proper use of resources to meet the production needs. They are at the forefront of natural ecosystem conservation, and they ensure their employees live a good life.

Recycling Program
Eucatex is keen on ensuring that environmental degradation is minimized. Therefore, they advocate for the recycle of wood materials to ensure that their environment is clean. It is done with the sole purpose of coming up with new products and conserve the environment. The wood residues are used by the company to produce energy that is used in the company.

Social performance
Eucatex has come up with various social actions that ensure that they are close to the environment and that similarly, communities bordering them stand to benefit. They have supported many organizations and Non – Governmental Organizations (NGOs), which are involved in the welfare of both the community and environmental issues. It forms part of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) effort by the company.

Flavio Maluf
Mr. Flavio Maluf has been at the helm of the company as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) since the year 2005. In addition to the above position, he has many other appointments that make him a resourceful individual. At the Board of Executive Officers at Eucatex S.A, Maluf is the Chairman. He also serves as the Vice Chief Executive Officer and Chief Executive Officer for Eucatex Trading e Engenharia, and Eucatex Química e Mineral respectively. He has been the driving force behind the company’s outstanding success.

CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Resort Encourages the Clean Power Plan


Andy Wirth is the president and Ceo of Squaw Valley Ski Resort, which was the location for the 1965 Winter Olympics. Mr. Wirth believes in supporting the community in every way possible, and today he holds the position of chairman of the Reno Tahoe Airport Authority Board of Trustees, and he has strong views on the Clean Power Plan, which he is avidly supporting.

The week of September 10th, the Reno Gazette-Journal reported that the Reno City Council voted to accept the Clean Power Plan. This Plan is designed to move the U.S.toward clean renewable energy and away from the dirty coal power that monopolizes our country. This important step in this industry is one step closer to creating a clean air environment for our children’s future.

Andy Wirth strongly believes in the Clean Air Plan and is on a tireless campaign to bring significant supporters and city groups into agreement with a way to provide clean, healthy and sustainable energy in the economy. He is determined to maintain the pressure on utility companies and elected officials to accept the Plan.

Who is Andy Wirth?

Any Wirth is a young, professional in hotel and resort management who has been president and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Resort since 2010. Previously, he was chairmen of the board of the Steamboat Ski Corporation where he worked in different management positions from 1987 to 2007 when the resort was acquired by Intrawest. His outstanding management skills did not go unnoticed by Intrawest and he was promoted to chief marketing officer and executive vice president of sales and marketing. Mr. Wirth was overseer of the entire Intrawest Portfolio of mountain and ski resorts, which was a prestigious position.

Mr. Wirth strongly believes in a clean air, clean environment for this area of Reno and Lake Tahoe and for the country, and by supporting the Clean Power Plan that everyone would benefit in a growing economy. He also welcomes clean energy sourcing at the same time some of the world’s leading companies become such as Tesla, Microsoft and Apple become involved too.